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Monday, December 17, 2007

Have You Filed For Precinct Chair Yet?

We need a Precinct Chair in each of the several hundred voting precincts in the county. Their job -- called the most important one in the country by Harry Truman -- is to help get out the Democratic vote in their own neighborhood. (Most of the Precinct Chairs also serve as election judges, but that is a separate office, and Precinct Chairs are frankly needed even more, even if they can't take off to work all day long at each election.) When you look at the election returns you can always tell which precincts have active Chairs, by comparing them to ones next door with the same demographics but which just don't turn out as well. We will be having more workshops to help train people on how to do this vital (and frankly, fun!) task.

Fortunately we already have lots of good Precinct Chairs, most of whom are running for another two-year term in next spring's Democratic Primary. These incumbents should have all received a filing form already, and many of them have gotten them notarized and turned in to the DCDP office already. The others should do so as soon as possible. January 2 is the deadline.

If your precinct has no chair, or your chair isn't running again (or even if you want to challenge one who is because you think you can do better), then you can file yourself at the DCDP office. There's no filing fee, but you will need to get your signature notarized, and we have the forms and a notary available at the office. If you want to know more about what the job involves, talk to some current Chairs or State Committee members, or call Steve Tillery at the party office at 214-821-8331. Your party needs you!


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