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Monday, December 10, 2007

Name ID To Die For, And Other Statewide Candidates

The Dallas County Democratic Party's Holiday Party on Saturday was well-attended by activists, Precinct Chairs, and the usual candidates for Judge seeking signatures on petitions to get on the primary ballot. One newcomer who had no trouble getting people to sign is another candidate for Texas Supreme Court. Voters will no doubt easily recall his name: Sam Houston. In fact he is a well respected medical malpractice defense attorney. His website isn't up yet, but you can read more here, and find his contact info (and his primary opponent's) in this list.

As you can see there, it looks like we still have a primary contest for one other seat on the Supreme Court, between two Democratic Judges, Susan Criss and Linda Yanez. It also looks like another primary fight looms for Railroad Commissioner, between Art Hall and Dale Henry.


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