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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 Candidates Filed

(With web sites, if known at this time.)


U.S. President:
Bill Richardson
Chris Dodd
John Edwards
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Joe Biden

[NOTE: Neither Dennis Kucinich nor Mike Gravel qualified for the Texas primary ballot.]

U.S. Senator:
Richard J. (Rick) Noriega
Ray McMurrey
Gene Kelly
Rhett R. Smith

[NOTE: Kelly, as always, will have no site and do absolutely nothing to campaign, counting on his false name-ID to carry him to a runoff and a possible nominatiion. If he wins that, as he has before, he will still do nothing whatsoever.

According to Smith's YouTube page, he is also running for President, but as a Republican, judging from his lawsuit against that party and the media because he says they "have allowed only Zionistic campaigns" any coverage; he also ran in the 2006 primary for Governor as a Republican.]

Texas Railroad Commissioner:
Dale Henry
Art Hall
Mark Thompson

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice:
Jim Jordan

[No site yet, but his announcement is here.]

Texas Supreme Court, Place 7:
Sam Houston
Baltasar D. Cruz

[Cruz lost a race in the 2006 primary against an incumbent Democratic Judge. While as of today he hasn't posted on his campaign site since June 17, he has posted several later entries on his own blog denouncing the Judge he lost to.]

Texas Supreme Court, Place 8:
Susan Criss
Linda Yanez

[The Criss campaign pointed to some errors in the petition which Yanez had to file to get on the primary ballot. The Yanez campaign says they've fixed it. The state party chair will have to rule, and this question may still end up in court.]

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3:
Susan Strawn

[Her resume was posted by Capitol Annex here.]

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4:
J.R. Molina


U.S. Representative District 3:
Tom Daley
Ronald E. (Ron) Minkow

U.S. Representative District 24:
Tom Love

U.S. Representative District 26:
Ken Leach

U.S. Representative District 30:
Eddie Bernice Johnson (Incumbent)

U.S. Representative District 32:
Dennis C. Burns
Stephen L. Love
Eric Roberson

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 3:
Don B. Chae

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 6:
David Hanschen

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals, Place 8:
Tina Yoo

State Board of Education, Place 13:
Mavis Best Knight, District 13 (Incumbent)


State Senator District 9:
Melvin Willms

State Senator District 16:
Rain Levy-Minns

State Senator District 23:
Royce West (Incumbent)

State Representative District 100:
Terri Hodge (Incumbent)

State Representative District 101:
Robert J. Miklos

State Representative District 102:
Carol Kent

State Representative District 103:
Rafael M. Anchia (Incumbent)

State Representative District 104:
Roberto R. Alonzo (Incumbent)
Harry O. Trujillo

State Representative District 105:
Jim Rea
Bob Romano

State Representative District 106:
Kirk England (Incumbent)

State Representative District 107:
Allen Vaught (Incumbent)

State Representative District 108:
Emil Reichstadt

State Representative District 109:
Helen Giddings (Incumbent)

State Representative District 110:
Barbara Mallory-Caraway (Incumbent)

State Representative District 111:
Yvonne Davis (Incumbent)

State Representative District 112:
Sandra Phuong Vule

State Representative District 113:
Eric Brandler


Dallas County Sheriff:
Lupe Valdez (Incumbent)
Sam Allen
Pete Schulte
Roy H. Williams

Dallas County Tax Assessor-Collector:
Diana L. Lackey
John R. Ames
Norris "Stretch" Rideaux
Se-Gwen Tyler

Judge, 14th Judicial District Court:
Eric V. Moye
Gerald Livingston

Judge, 95th Judicial District Court:
Ken Molberg

Judge, 162nd Judicial District Court:
Lorraine Raggio (Incumbent)

Judge, Criminal District Court No. 2:
Don Adams (Incumbent)
Larry Baraka

Judge, Criminal District Court No. 3:
Heath Harris
Gracie G. Lewis
David Jordan

Judge, Criminal District Court No. 4:
John Creuzot (Incumbent)
Hiram McBeth III

Dallas County Commissioner District 3:
John Wiley Price (Incumbent)

Constable Precinct No. 5:
Jaime Cortes [2006 site] (Incumbent)
Beth Villarreal
Ozumba Lnuk-X

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair:
Darlene Ewing (Incumbent)


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