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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Candidate Profile: Hiram McBeth III

(Candidates in opposed primary races are invited to send in their pictures and a profile of about 200 words, not counting the web site link, by email to roundup AT dallasdemocrats DOT org.)

"Hiram McBeth III, a former Texas Administrative Law Judge and Dallas County Public Defender, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Dallas County Criminal District Court No. 4. Judge McBeth has received diverse support from grassroots Democrats who are demanding to complete a sweeping change begun in the 2006 elections from the old Republican-led judicial machine established under former District Attorneys Bill Hill and John Vance, to a new smart-on-crime judicial approach, including establishing a new court dedicated to the prosecution of hate crimes and elder abuse.

"McBeth has over 24 years criminal and civil experience. He is a member of The College of the State Bar of Texas, the Dallas Black Criminal Lawyers Association, the National Rifle Association, the J. L. Turner Legal Association and the Dallas Bar Association.

"McBeth is widely regarded as the first African-American to break the color barrier in the University of Arkansas football program. His civil rights struggle is chronicled in Horns, Hogs & Nixon Coming by Terry Frei. McBeth studied law under President Bill Clinton at the University of Arkansas School of Law. He has always been a steadfast member of the Democratic Party. He is a Sustaining Member of the Texas Democratic Party."

For more information see his web site.

NOTE: For the record, I have already personally endorsed his opponent, the incumbent judge John Creuzot.


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