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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Candidate Profile: Roy Williams, Jr.

Roy Williams, Jr., seeking the nomination for Sheriff, began his career at the Dallas County Sheriff's Department over 17 years ago as a Detention Service Officer. He graduated from the Deputy Academy ranked 8th of a class of 31, and served 5 years in the Court Services / Bailiff Section, until he became Assistant Training Coordinator of Peace Officer programs. Of 9 academy classes that he assisted or directly trained, 6 had a 100% pass rate, and 2 missed by only one cadet, an unduplicated achievement.

Williams holds his Advanced Peace Officer certificate, has earned a Certificate of Merit, and was featured on the Kids and Cops trading card. In 2003, he became an Investigator with the Fugitive Extradition Unit, working with over 100 U.S. and territorial agencies in safe return of fugitives here. He continues specialized training from various academies including the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration, where he received his license to teach Law Enforcement Ethics and Cultural Diversity in Law Enforcement. He is also licensed by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education in Firearms. He teaches at Dallas County Sheriff's Department Training Academy, and has been invited by Texas agencies to teach Cultural Diversity.

For more information see his web site.

NOTE: For the record, I have already personally endorsed his opponent, the incumbent Lupe Valdez.


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