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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

File Today And Party Tonight!!

Precinct Chairs And Candidates Filing Deadline

Today, Wednesday, January 2, is the last day to file for public office or for Precinct Chair in Dallas County. For districts that cross county lines, filing is with the state party in Austin. For local candidates and for Precinct Chairs, filing is at the Dallas County Democratic Party headquarters at 4209 Parry Avenue, Dallas. Call Steve Tillery at 214-821-8331 for details and forms. For a pdf of those who have filed locally so far, see this page. [Yes, we'll try to update it later. Please bear with us, because this is going to be a very busy day for last-minute filings.] For statewide candidates, see this page.

Have Fun & Meet Our 2008 Candidates

Tonight the Dallas County Democratic Party is having a Filing Night Party at 6:30 PM at Poor David's Pub, 1313 South Lamar St., Dallas. We'll have the final list of all those who filed, and most of them should be there to kick off the campaign year. Republicans locally and across the country are having trouble recruiting candidates and raising money, because they see the handwriting on the wall. You helped turn things around here in 2006, and this year we expect to make even more progress. Let's restore America to the people!

We've Got Primary Contests

Yes, we're going to have some, both statewide and locally. As of now there are four people who have filed (or announced they will) for U.S. Senator, including a State Representative who's been here campaigning several times already, an unknown school teacher (no, not the one who lost 12 years ago), a security guard who lost a Republican primary two years ago, and finally the perennial losing candidate who shares only a name with a late dancer and movie star. We'll print or point to a full list next week.

There may also be a contest for Railroad Commissoner, with at least two candidates off and running. At this time it still looks like we will have a statewide primary contest for one seat on the state Supreme Court, which is being sought by two current Democratic judges. The latest on that front is that one has pointed out the other didn't have quite enough signatures on her petition from each district. Since there were still a few days left, that may be fixed by today's deadline. Meanwhile several others are seeking other seats, including one Dallas judge running for Chief Justice. Again, we'll have all the details next week (or come to the party tonight and hear about it).

Here in Dallas County, we expect to have a four-way race for Tax Assessor-Collector. There will be at least one county-wide contest for judge -- and perhaps as many as four. There still may be a challenge in the primary for Sheriff. We hear there will be at least one contest for Constable.

All of this is only unofficial gossip unless someone shows up with the filing forms. Any number of people may show up at the last minute today to file with no previous notice, since only judicial candidates were required to circulate a petition first. If you want to get the latest news on the choices we'll have to make in the Primary, come to the Filing Night Party tonight!


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