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Monday, January 21, 2008

Primary Endorsements

The Democratic Party does not make endorsements in Primary contests, but a number of established organizations and clubs do. We'll report on them here as we hear about them (please email us with your information), but remember these have no official standing. Always check out the candidates for yourself and make up your own mind.

The Texas AFL-CIO just made their statewide endorsements this past weekend, as follows:

U.S. Senate: Rick Noriega
Railroad Commission: No Endorsement
TX Supreme Court Chief Justice: Jim Jordan
Texas Supreme Court Place 7: Sam Houston
Texas Supreme Court Place 8: Linda Yanez & Susan Criss (Dual Endorsement)
CCA Place 3: Susan Strawn
CCA Place 4: JR Molina
CCA Place 9: No endorsement
Chair, Texas Democratic Party: Boyd Ritchie

Also on Sunday, the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas met for nine hours and heard candidates from across the county and state seeking their endorsement. The committee made recommendations in 22 contests, which must be accepted or rejected by the February membership meeting to become final. At that time we will list (or link to) their choices.


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