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Monday, February 04, 2008

Candidate Profile: David Jordan For Judge

"David Jordan is running for Judge of Criminal District Court No. 3. He has 19 years of criminal experience, a former prosecutor, Dallas and Ellis Counties, and a former Drug Special Prosecutor. He has been self-employed for the last 16 ½ years. He has a strong work ethic and will make this a stellar Court. Provide equal treatment to all attorneys. Have a fair and equitable system of appointing attorneys. Provide a system of determining if Defendants, really, qualify for appointed attorneys. Provide, victims with access and complete information. Sit on the bench full time, disposing of cases in a rapid, but fair pace for victims, witnesses, police, and the defendant’s. (The longer a case takes to go to trial the harder the case is to prove or defend.) To not have Jurors on waiting on benches, outside the Court, wandering what’s taking so long. To provide stiffer penalties for those who commit serious crimes. Provide tougher conditions and stronger supervision for Defendants on probation to reduce recidivism. Provide speedy trials, which will provide for swift justice. Provide a jury- and victim-friendly court, reimbursement and protection for victims and citizens, and reduce our tax obligations to Dallas County." His web site is


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