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Monday, February 18, 2008

Candidate Profiles: Don Adams For Judge

"Don Adams is running for re-election for Judge of Criminal District Court #2 after in 2004 becoming the first democratic elected judge of a criminal court in Dallas County since 1992. Don Adams has a long Democratic history. In the past, Don Adams has served as a precinct chair, been a delegate to senatorial and state Democratic conventions, is a sustaining member of the state and Dallas County Democratic Parties, and served on various Democratic Party committees. Don Adams' re-election has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Local 745, the Mesquite Bar Assn., the Dallas Black Criminal Bar Assn., the Progressive Voters League -New Era, the Dallas Police Assn.

According to the Dallas Morning News endorsement, Judge Don Adams "is regarded as a hardworking, reasonable, and fair judge. The later quality might be why prosecutors and defense attorneys alike praise him." There has been no scandal or allegations of corruption, abuse or favoritism while Don Adams has been serving the people of Dallas County. More information on Judge Don Adams can be found at"


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