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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heath Harris For Judge

As I write this, Heath Harris, a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Criminal District Judge, Court No. 3, does not yet have a web site to link to on my sidebar. To have something to point to, I'm posting links to some information here.

First, this is his current contact information:

Heath Harris
8611 Quicksilver
Dallas, TX 75249
phone: 972-741-4997
e-mail: h2law AT sbcglobal DOT net

Next, this is a link to an old on-line biography of his, when he ran for Judge in 2002. (He lost that year, as only one of our candidates managed to overcome the Republican tide.)

Finally, here is a link to the Dallas Morning News endorsement of him in this year's primary. Note that it contains the most important update of his biography: "Mr. Harris, 41, is the chief prosecutor for the Dallas County district attorney's office." Their enthusiasm for him this time is rather constrained (they may be setting themselves up to support a Republican this fall no matter which one we nominate), but they praise him over both of his primary opponents.


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