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Monday, February 25, 2008

Help Your Candidates!

First, remember that the Presidential campaigns are not the only ones contesting this primary. A list of state and local primary candidates is at this page, with contact information and links to web sites. Several have primary contests, and would love to have your help.

The big focus the last three weeks has been on the first real contested Presidential primary in Texas since 1988. Polls say many Democrats are still undecided here, and both sides are canvassing voters by phone and by foot. Phone banks are running every day, and there are lots of other jobs that need doing. If you've made up your mind, call or email your choice's local office and volunteer to help.

The Hillary Clinton campaign can be reached at:
801 Fletcher St., Dallas, TX 75223
Volunteer Coordinator: Jeremy Kennedy
Email to jkennedy AT hillaryclinton DOT com
Texas website

The Barack Obama campaign can be reached at:
1409 South Lamar St., Dallas TX
Email: dallasvolunteers AT gmail DOT com
Dallas website

It will probably be at least eight more years before we get to have this much fun in a Presidential primary and make a difference to America's future. Don't miss your chance!


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