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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

District Convention Info


In order to answer inquiries and provide basic information, the Dallas County Democratic Party advises all Senate Convention delegates as follows:

Senate Conventions are governed by state party rules. A copy of the state party rules may be obtained here.

Senate Conventions are organized and managed by the Temporary Chairs and State Executive Committee Members; not by the DCDP.

Challenges to Credentials:
All credentials challenges must be received in the Dallas County Party office by 6:00PM March 26, 2008. You may send the credentials challenges via:
Fax: 214-821-0995
Email: sdcredentials AT
Hand Delivery: 4209 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75223
Please include your Precinct Number, Senate District and contact information on your submission. DCDP can not and will not give advice on the validity of a challenge or whether any individual should file a challenge. Challenges can be filed in accordance with Article V of the State Party Rules.

No delegate training will be provided by the Dallas County Democratic Party.

All delegates will sign in and receive their credentials on March 29, 2008.

Any person who is not a delegate to the district convention but would like to be a delegate to the State Convention, is entitled to request to be elected an at large delegate to the state convention at the senate convention. Forms should be available for this at registration.

Any delegate who needs additional information should contact the Temporary Chair of their Senate Convention by email. Please do not call as these persons are volunteers with regular jobs and can not handle telephone calls. Their information is listed below. If you do not know your senate district number, refer to your voter's registration card or click here to look up your voter registration information at Dallas County Elections.

Senate District 2
Temporary Convention Chair: Steve Tillery, SDEC
E-mail: sd2convention AT
Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Convention begins at 10:00 AM
Location: H. Grady Spruce High School
9733 Old Seagoville Rd.
Dallas, TX 75217

Senate District 8
Temporary Convention Chair: David Griggs, SDEC
E-mail: texvol AT
Credentials Committee Co-Chairs:
Linda Camin - lrcamin AT and
Josh Wallenstein - jwallenstein AT
Registration begins at 8:30 AM
Convention begins at 9:30 AM
Location: Thomas Jefferson High School
4001 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

Senate District 9
Temporary Convention Chair: Dan Woolery
E-mail: danwoolery AT
Registration begins at 8:00 AM
Convention begins at 10:00 AM
Location: South Grand Prairie High School
301 Warrior Trail
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Senate District 16
Temporary Convention Chair: Theresa Daniel, SDEC
E-mail: tmdan34 AT
Volunteer Coordinator: Judy Bruton
E-mail: ethelove AT
Registration begins at 8:00 AM
Convention begins at 11:00 AM
Location: Moody Coliseum at SMU
6024 Airline Rd.
Dallas, TX 75205

Senate District 23
Registration begins at 8:00 AM
Convention begins at 9:00 AM
Location: Ellis Davis Field House
9191 South Polk
Dallas, TX 75232
Web site:
Volunteer Coordinator: Katrina Keyes
Email: kkeyes AT
Temporary Convention Chair: Bill Howell
E-mail: billhowellsd23 AT
Committee Chairs:
Credentials: Gary Fitzsimmons - divineliturgy AT
Nominations: Myrtis Evans
Platform and Resolutions - Paul Tran


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