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Monday, March 31, 2008

Huge Attendance At District Conventions

On Saturday there were five Senatorial District Conventions held in Dallas County. Just as with the Precinct Conventions on primary night, more people turned out for these than ever before in Texas history. This meant very long lines at sign-in. Because of the large number of people new to the process whose paperwork from that night was sometimes unclear, there were many questions that had to be resolved by Credentials Committees before all the delegates could be seated. Overall, the process worked, but the size of the crowd meant it took a very long time. Some did not finish until after midnight.

The delegates and alternates who were elected to the State Convention in June on Saturday will get a mailing from the state party. First the district convention organizations have to prepare their long and complex minutes to send to Austin. If you are one of the many who left early, please give them a few days to finish those (and to recover from lots of hard work putting on Saturday's events) before emailing or calling them to ask if you made it on the at-large list. Please DO NOT call the county party office asking, because those lists go to the state party, not us.

Unofficially, the Dallas News reports that the Presidential sign-ins of District Convention attendees in Dallas County favored Obama. Because of the intricacies of how delegates are allocated, these percentages will not be a precise reflection of the state convention delegates that were chosen, and of course the number of total delegates that each district gets varied widely. With that caution, here's what the paper showed:


Senate District 2
Obama: 73 percent
Clinton: 27 percent

Senate District 8
Obama: 59 percent
Clinton: 41 percent

Senate District 9
Obama: 61 percent
Clinton: 39 percent

Senate District 16
Obama: 59 percent
Clinton: 41 percent

Senate District 23
Obama: 82 percent
Clinton: 18 percent

All of these district conventions were huge undertakings, some approaching the size of a state convention. They all required the exhausting labors of hundreds of volunteers. Please thank them all for the endless effort and dedication to democracy that drove them to such sacrifice.


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