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Monday, March 03, 2008

In Memory: Luke Bradley and Dottie Kerbow

District 16 SDEC Committeewoman Theresa Daniel reminds of two losses to the local Democratic community, beginning with "the passing of David Bradley's father, Luke Bradley. Without their families, many activists such as David Bradley would not be the people they are today or be able to rearrange schedules so that they can do the things they are able to do.

"Another great Democratic activist who died on February 26 was Dottie Kerbow. She was active with her husband Jay in County Party activities and a mainstay for the Park Cities/Central Dallas Democrats. Neither were out there leading the parade, but they talked with people about Democratic ideals and supported so many other people to further the goals of the Party."

David, now the DCDP Treasurer, is a longtime Precinct Chair and former candidate for Tax Assessor. His father's funeral is this afternoon at 2 at Christ United Methodist Church in Farmer's Branch.


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