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Monday, March 03, 2008

Precinct Resolutions

After the main business of the Precinct Conventions is over tomorrow night, you may then take up Resolutions. (You are not required to, and if everyone's tired, you can always adjourn and go home -- or to Watch Parties.) These can be on any of the usual topics and issues you find in party platforms. If passed they are sent to each Senatorial District Convention on March 29 to consider. If passed there they move up the ladder to the State Convention in June.

Resolutions can be written on the spot (if so make sure to include a written copy with the Precinct Convention minutes, stating which precinct it was passed in), but some groups have offered lists of suggested ones. The party isn't recommending or endorsing any of these proposals, but here are links to some we've been told about. If you like any of them, you can print out copies and take to your own convention. Or they may inspire you to write your own.

Burnt Orange Report (a list of 33, with more in comments)
Progressive Action Alliance (a list of 40, on topics from "Abolish the death penalty" to "worker rights")
Million Mom March (three on guns)
Equality Texas (against anti-LGBT discrimination)
Equality Texas (for safe schools)


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