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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Urgent Request: We Need More Primary Election Clerks!!

The Dallas County Democratic Party is facing a wonderful problem to have! Because of the unexpected huge record turnout of voters for this contested Presidential primary, we need to find a lot more clerks to help hold Tuesday's election.

These are the people who find voters on the lists, sign them in, and give them ballots. If we don't have enough clerks, the lines to vote are going to get so long that many voters will be discouraged. Some of them may be so upset they won't come back to vote for us in November.

All of our candidates, including whichever one we nominate for President, needs all of those voters this fall. You can help us by agreeing to serve as a clerk. We need people for as many hours as you can give, whether it's all day (polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM), or just for a few hours during part of the day. The county will pay you seven dollars an hour, but the main incentive should be to help your party making voting Democratic a pleasant experience on this marvellous -- but desperately understaffed -- day.

If you can help for all or just for part of the day Tuesday, please call the party office at 214-821-8331 and talk to Al (or leave your information and number with almost anyone to be called back). We need your participation to make this primary a user-friendly experience for all those excited new Democrats!


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