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Monday, April 21, 2008

County Executive Committee Meets Tuesday April 29

Precinct Chairs To Be Sworn In For Two-Year Term

Next Tuesday, April 29, at 6:30 PM, the Dallas County Executive Committee will meet at the Communications Workers of America union hall, at 1408 N. Washington Ave. at Bryan, in Dallas. At this meeting the Precinct Chairs elected in this year's Primary will be sworn in for their two-year terms. No, most of us didn't see their names on the ballot; once again, the legislature decided to save money by not printing the names of the unopposed candidates, which included almost all of them.

First we will also be choosing other Precinct Chairs to fill vacancies. This includes several enthusiastic new people excited by this year's elections, who have volunteered to undertake this vital role for the fall campaigns. In some cases, there is actually more than one person who has applied for the spot, so we will have to choose between them. So if you are one of the praiseworthy citizens who is seeking this job, you really need to show up to be elected.

NOTE: if you were elected as a Precinct Convention Chair, or as a Precinct Delegation Chair to your District Convention, or named as a Precinct Captain by your Presidential campaign, those are NOT the same thing as a Precinct Chair (even though many times the same person fills more than one of these spots). The Precinct Chair is a member of the County Executive Committee of the party (our local board of directors), and is either elected in the Primary, or chosen to fill a vacancy by the other Precinct Chairs at a committee meeting such as this one. If you have any questions, please call the party office at 214-821-8331.


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