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Monday, May 19, 2008

Are You Running For Something In Austin?

At this year's State Democratic Convention in Austin next month, we will be electing lots of people to many positions: Delegates and Alternates to the national convention in Denver, members of the Democratic National Committee, state party officers, State Democratic Executive Committee members, Presidential Electors, and members of the various committees at this year's State Convention. Various state Democratic organizations (such as the Stonewall Democrats) will also be meeting and choosing their own state officers. Much of this voting will take place in individual State Senate districts, meeting in their own caucuses beginning Friday afternoon, June 6.

Naturally, with all the enthusiasm for our Presidential candidates this year, a lot of people are seeking these various spots. There isn't any official list because, except for national delegate -- which has an advance filing deadline, people can decide to run for most of these on the day of the voting. However, several eager volunteers have already begun campaigning. The list is already too long to print in the DCDP email Roundup, but if anyone from Dallas County who is interested in any of these spots will send me (email to stoutdemblog AT yahoo DOT com) their name and contact info along with what they're running for [and why -- but keep it positive and down to 100 words or so], I'll post them on my own website here and put a link to that in the next two week's issues of the Roundup email. As with the Presidential contest, we have plenty of good Democrats running.


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