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Monday, August 25, 2008

Nomination Week In Denver!

This week the Democratic National Convention will nominate Senator Barack Obama for President and Senator Joe Biden for Vice-President. Besides the usual broadcast and cable coverage, the Democratic Party says it "will offer live, gavel-to-gavel, streaming video coverage in HD at" (This requires the free Microsoft Silverlight platform, which that page has a link to download.)

The DNC also says it has credentialed 120 blogs to cover the events. Unfortunately, they would not give me a list of these. However, we do know of several local Democrats who will be posting from the Convention:
  • First, our own DCDP County Chair Darlene Ewing (from Senate District 2) will be putting up her own daily observations as a delegate at the DCDP website.
  • Erin Moore (from SD 16) is posting daily from her own site.
  • Jeff Strater (also from SD 16) is putting up his notes at his Denver Bound Blog.
  • Paul Tran (from SD 23) gives his take at his A Delegate's Adventure to Denver.
  • And Obama Dallas is hosting four more bloggers from the Convention.
None of these are among those "credentialed" bloggers, but between them all they may give you a good grass-roots view of the events, instead of the silliness and spin of the soap-selling pro media. [If you are a local blogger posting, or know of others who are, please email me to roundup AT dallasdemocrats DOT org, and I'll post links to them here at StoutDemBlog.]

UPDATE: Janice Schwarz wrote that she also has a convention blog up at Janice Schwarz to Denver.


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