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Monday, September 08, 2008

Coordinated Campaign Office Open House Wednesday

You are invited to attend the Dallas County Democratic Party's Coordinated Campaign Office Open House this Wednesday, September 10, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM, in the Centrum Building, at Suite 400, on the Fourth Floor, at 3102 Oak Lawn Ave [the southeast corner of Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs], Dallas, Texas, 75219.

We have a fabulous new space for the campaign and we want YOU to see it. Come out, meet some of your local candidates, pick up yard signs and bumper stickers, and enjoy some pizza and politics on us. We'll let you know about volunteer opportunities as well.

Parking and Building Access Instructions:

Park in the FREE underground parking area, accessible on Welborn Street, which runs along the southeast side of the building. Take the elevator to the Lobby Level 1. Find the "Office Tower/Diesel Fitness" lobby elevators (be aware there are two elevator towers, so be sure to use the right one) and go to the Fourth Floor. Follow the "Call
Center" signs and look for two glass doors that say "Silber Pearlman".

If you arrive after 6 PM, you may need to call the office at 214-523-8080 so we can come and meet you in the lobby area, as the elevator code is required. We will have spotters looking for you until 6:30 to help you get into the space.

There will be pizza courtesy of: Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate, Judge Lorraine Raggio, Ken Molberg for Judge, Eric Moye for Judge, Judge David Hanschen for Justice, Judge Tina Yoo for Justice, Don Chae for Justice, Judge John Creuzot, Judge Don Adams, Gracie Lewis for Judge, Sheriff Lupe Valdez, John R. Ames for Tax Assessor/Collector, Emil Reichstadt for State Rep., Rep. Allen Vaught, Eric Roberson for U.S. Congress, Rain Minns for State Senate, Robert Miklos for State Rep., Carol Kent for State Rep., and Sandra VuLe for State Rep.

We hope to see you Wednesday!


  • At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Salutations All;

    We are going to need every vote we can. There is a group of people that think that they have lost their right to vote because they are former felons, but here is what they don’t know Texas is a progressive state. In an attempt to be progressive , the state of Texas allow former felons to register and vote as long as they have paid their debt to society by serving their time, not being on parole or probation. We need to inform people of this fact. We are going to need every vote we can get. So, spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. Let get them reregistered. The republicans are scaring me. There is some question about whether Sarah Palin is against contraception. Some members of the group she belongs to, feminist for life, are anti contraception.


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