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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dallas Democratic Forum - Change In Latin America

On Friday, May 15, the Dallas Democratic Forum will present "Change In Latin America -- What It Means For The U.S.", with former Ambassador James Cason. President Obama is turning a new page in the U.S. relationship with Latin America. Come hear distinguished expert and diplomat Ambassador James Cason report to us on what is happening now on trade agreements, border disputes, drug wars, immigration and the flu epidemic. This exciting program will cover not only current developments, but also historical background on the relationships between the U.S. and Mexico, Cuba, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela. He will also give his suggestions for direction in US policy based on his 36-year career with the U.S. State Department. (He also recorded an album of traditional folk songs in Guarani, the native language of Paraguay while he was Ambassador there.)

Tickets for 2009 Forum Regular Members are $25, and for guests $35. Please RSVP by email to wdgriggs AT yahoo DOT com or by voicemail to 214-855-7151. As usual, the times are 11:30 for Registration / Buffet, and 12:00 Noon for the Program. The location is The Belo Mansion at Ross and Olive Ave., in downtown Dallas.


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