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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Found On The Web 090520

Barton: We Shouldn’t Regulate CO2 Because "It’s In Your Coca-Cola"

Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Blog Roundup

Badge Engineering Republicans never learn

How Hate Groups Went Mainstream

The Supreme Court’s stealth hard-liner

All About Torture (starting with one of Mad Kane's most hilarious parodies):

The “We Did Nothing Wrong, & Nancy Should Have Stopped Us” Song

Sen. Bob Graham backs up Pelosi and says he was never briefed on waterboarding by the CIA

Another Democrat Says CIA Records On Briefings Were Not Accurate

Rachel Maddow Show: Tracing Torture's Trail

We tortured to justify war

Why Bush’s ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Program Failed with lots of links

Why isn't THIS memo front and center in the torture debate?

The Coward's Creed

The 13 people who made torture possible

And The Result Of The Republicans' Scare Tactics?:

Survey Reveals Obama Closing Democrats' Historical National Security "Gap"

Which includes this key paragraph:
"Nearly two-thirds of likely voters - 64 percent - approve of the job Obama is doing on national security. That is 6 points higher than his already strong overall job approval rating (at 58 percent, the highest we have yet recorded). On other aspects of national security - from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to terrorism, to the president’s foreign diplomacy - the same is true: higher job approval ratings than on the President’s overall job approval."


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