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Monday, July 29, 2013

Found On The Web 130729

The Case for Ted Cruz -- Why Liberals Should Hope the GOP Taps Him in 2016 "If 2016 pits Clinton against Cruz, the Democrats will carry Georgia...."

Ted Cruz a dangerous temptation to GOP "And if they succumb, he's going to leave them fat, drunk and pregnant."

10 Most Absurd Things Conservatives Have Said About Sex Around Texas Abortion Battles

The Panic Button to protect a west Texas election office

Immigrants Have Cantaloupe Calves, and 4 Other Unhinged Comments from America’s Lunatic Right-Wing Fringe This Week

Rightbloggers Look to "Libertarian Populism" (Minus the Neo-Confederates) as Key to Future Success

Taking Jesus AND the Ballot Box from the Voter-Suppressing Rightwing Radicals in North Carolina

What if Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are lying? "What if there is a much larger scandal lurking within their private lives?"

Opponents of Stand Your Ground Propose New Law, Don’t Shoot Me for Absolutely No Reason ""If you force someone to have a reason to shoot someone, soon you will be taking away his right to shoot that person altogether," the N.R.A. said."

Soft Machine: A Bright Ray of Hope for Bradley Manning "And it comes from -- of all places -- the very pinnacle of the military justice system that is bearing down on Manning: the Court of Appeal of the Armed Forces of the United States."

It’s corporations, not killer robots "It wasn’t the rise of artificially intelligent machines, but of artificially intelligent legal entities."

Millions in US tax dollars go to Big Data for wiretap capabilities

PRISM revelations result in lost business for US cloud companies

Opening the Skies to Everyone "If all that can be just over your head without you even knowing, what are you missing right here on Earth?"


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