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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Filing for the 2018 Democratic Primary

It all starts on Saturday, November 11, at the Dallas County Democratic Party office, at 4209 Parry at Fletcher, Dallas 75223. I'll be there with my Notary stamp in case anyone needs that, but candidates are better off if they get things notarized and then make their own copies before bringing them in. Yes, we will scan any petitions turned in for judicial candidates, and we can email copies to them (or to possible challengers) but it is best to have your copies already. We almost certainly will not get all the petitions scanned the same day, especially the first day, the last day, and the last weekend. Challengers also have to wait until the filing becomes official.

We will give receipts for the filing form, any filing fee, and for any petition of x pages. We don't count the signatures that appear valid until afterwards. As always, I am opposed to the requirement for judicial candidates in only the largest counties to have to submit signatures, but that is the law and we will follow it.

The filing does not become official until reviewed and signed by the County Chair, which usually does not happen the same day. Once that happens, the candidate's name will be listed on the Secretary of State's website list of filings. Usually there is no problem with the filing, but it has to be official. Until then any filings submitted are only pending, and won't be listed on the SOS site.

NOTE: On the day of the filing deadline in December, things are going to be too busy to count on regular updates throughout the day, especially with the usual "surprise" candidates showing up at the last hours, so posting may be running hours late.

I may list those who submitted filings that are pending on THIS website, on the day they are turned in (and more often, given time). Again, note that those can only be UNOFFICIAL, not accepted filings. I can also note when they are signed off on and posted on the SOS site. Check back here each day starting November 11, and please send me pictures for posting here and in the DCDP Roundup (just reply to the Roundup by email). Thanks.


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