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"Politics is the only game for adults." --from Robert A. Heinlein's Double Star

Friday, March 31, 2006


Last week, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke in Dallas at a fundraising breakfast for her campaign for re-election in New York. She thanked those present for helping her now, so that she would be able to have more time to spare this fall to campaign for other Democratic candidates around the country, emphasizing that with a pickup of some six Senate and fifteen House seats the Democrats would be able to restore sanity to at least one branch of government. She encouraged support for Texas candidates, including the wonderful prospect of Nick Lampson beating the indicted Tom Delay, and mentioned other key races around the country.

Saying she does not know where in her Bible it says "Thou shalt continue to cut taxes on the rich and beggar the poor", she accused the President and his allies of basically playing the fear and anger card, seeking to turn the clock back on the progress of the twentieth century. She said they are trying to turn Washington into an "evidence-free zone", rejecting our country's very belief in reason, polarizing agencies like the FDA to back out of the big bet we need to make on science and technology. In response to questions afterward, she added that it is a rebuke to all of us that the slaughter in Darfur has gone on so long. (Thanks to Jess Hay for inviting me to hear the Senator again.)

(This was posted by me on the Dallas County Democratic Party's weekly email Roundup, which I currently edit, and which can be subscribed to for free on their website.)