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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Endorsements In the 2016 Democratic Primary in Dallas County Texas

UPDATE: ADDED Communications Workers of America Local 6215

UPDATE: ADDED Dallas County Tejano Democrats FRIDAY FEB. 12

The Dallas County Democratic Party does not make endorsements in contested primaries. Several local Democratic organizations do in some races. Just for information, I have collected lists of these here (just as I listed here the candidates applying for the ballot before they were officially filed). So far, I have received six UPDATE: nine lists:

Communications Workers of America Local 6215
Dallas AFL-CIO
Dallas County Tejano Democrats
Far North Dallas Richardson Democrats
Lake Highlands/White Rock Democrats
Metrocrest Democrats
Preston Hollow Democrats
Progressive Voters League (A New Era)
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas

Not all groups even consider endorsements in every contest. For instance, only three endorsed for President (all for the same person). The only three races where all six seven groups supported candidates were Railroad Commissioner, District Judge of the 254th Judicial District, and County Tax Assessor-Collector (all six seven groups voted for the same candidate in each of those contests). Other candidates did win all four, all three, both, or even the only endorsement made in various races.

UPDATE FRIDAY FEB. 12: There are now THREE splits in endorsements, for three positions: Congress Dist. 30 (between two of the three candidates), Criminal District Judge of Court No. 2 (between all three candidates), and County Commissioner Precinct No. 3 (between two three of four). [And note that some groups also endorse in non-contested races as well.]

There are still other group endorsements that have been made (and more to come). Please send me lists of any other primary endorsements your own group has made this year, by email to BillHowellDCDP AT, and I'll add them to this collection.

As always, don't just blindly take any group's word for who to vote for in the primary -- judge for yourself and make up your own mind. You can find the candidates' own websites and contact info at this page:

Communications Workers of America Local 6215: (ADDED FRIDAY FEB. 19)

Marc Veasey -- Congress 33
Lon Burnam -- Railroad Commission
Darlene Ewing -- Judge 254th Dist. Ct.
Theresa Daniel -- County Commissioner Pct. 1
John Wiley Price -- County Commissioner Pct. 3
John R. Ames -- Tax Assessor/Collector
Nancy Kennedy -- Judge, Criminal Dist. Ct. 2
Tracey Gulley -- Constable Pct. 1


Sheriff : Lupe Valdez
Constable Pct 1: Tracey Gulley
Dallas County Commissioner PCT 1: Theresa Daniel
Dallas County Commissioner PCT 3: John Wiley Price
Criminal District Judge, Dallas County Number 2: Nancy Kennedy
District Judge, 14th Judicial District: Eric Moye
District Judge, 162nd Judicial District: Phyllis Lister Brown
District Judge, 254th Judicial District: Darlene Ewing
District Judge, 95th Judicial District: Ken Molberg
Justice of the Peace Pct 2 Place 1: Bruce Parrott
Tax Assessor: John R. Ames

Dallas County Tejano Democrats: [ADDED FRIDAY FEB. 12]

Hillary Clinton - President
Brandon Vance -- US Representative Dist. 30
Marc Veasey -- US Representative Dist. 33
Toni Rose -- State Representative Dist. 110
Darlene Ewing -- Judge, 254th Judicial District
Chika Anyiam -- Judge, Criminal Dist. Court 2
John Ames -- Tax Assessor/Collector
Theresa Daniel -- County Commissioner Pct. 1
Cedric Davis Sr. -- County Commissioner Pct. 3
Bruce Parrott -- Justice of the Peace Pct. 2 - 1
Tracy Gulley -- Constable Pct. 1
Our delegates to the State Tejano Democrat Convention this weekend are instructed to endorse Hillary Clinton for President and Lon Burnam for RR Commissioner.
The DCTD have also voted to unanimously endorse the Democratic candidates who are running unopposed.

The Far North Dallas Richardson Democrats:

President: Hillary Clinton
Railroad Commissioner: Lon Burnham
Dallas County 254th Family Court: Darlene Ewing
Dallas County Criminal Court #2: Chika Anyiam
Dallas County Tax Assessor/Collector: John Ames
Dallas County Commissioner District 1: Dr. Theresa Daniel

Lake Highlands/White Rock Democrats:

Railroad Commissioner Lon Burnam
254 District Family Court Judge Darlene Ewing
Tax Assessor/Collector John R. Ames (incumbent)
County Commissioner, District 1 Dr.Theresa Daniel (incumbent)
Justice of the Peace, 2-1 Bruce Parrott

Metrocrest Democrats:


Preston Hollow Democrats:

President Hillary Clinton
Railroad Commissioner Lon Burnam
Justice Crim Appeals 6 Robert Burns
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals Dennise Garcia
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals Gena Slaughter
State Rep 114 Jim Burke
Judge 14th Jud. Dist. Eric Moye
Judge 95th Jud. Dist. Ken Molberg
Judge 162nd Jud. Dist. Phyllis Lister Brown
Judge 254th Dist. Darlene Ewing
Sheriff Lupe Valdez
Tax Assessor/Collector John Ames
DCDP County Chair Carol Donovan
Judge, Crim. Dist. Crt. 2 Chika Anyiam

Progressive Voters League (A New Era):

Congress Dist. 30: Eddie Bernice Johnson (incumbent)
Congress Dist. 33: Marc Veasey (incumbent)
Railroad Commissoner: Lon Burnam
State Representative Dist. 110 - Toni Rose (incumbent)
Judge 254th Dist. - Darlene Ewing
Judge, Dallas County Criminal Court #2: - Nancy Kennedy
Tax Assessor/Collector - John Ames (incumbent)
Commissioner Pct. 1 - Dr. Theresa Daniel (incumbent)
Commissioner Pct. 3 - John Wiley Price (incumbent)
Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Place 1 - Bruce Parrott
Constable Pct. 1 - Tracy Gulley

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas:

Congressional District 24 - JAN MC DOWELL
Congressional District 30 - EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON
Congressional District 33 - MARC VEASEY
Railroad Commissioner - LON BURNAM
Justice, Supreme Ct. Pl. 5 - DORI CONTRERAS GARZA
Court of Criminal Appeals Pl. 6 - ROBERT BURNS
Justice, 5th Court of Appeals - DENNISE GARCIA
State Rep. 102 - LAURA IRVIN
State Rep. 104 - ROBERTO ALONZO
State Rep. 105 - TERRY MEZA
State Rep. 107 - VICTORIA NEAVE
State Rep. 109 - HELEN GIDDINGS
State Rep. 112 - JACK BLACKSHEAR
State Rep. 113 - RHETTA BOWERS
State Rep. 115 - DOROTHA OCKER
14th Jud. Dist. Ct. - ERIC MOYE
95th Jud. Dist. Ct. - KEN MOLBERG
162nd Jud. Dist. Ct. - PHYLLIS LISTER BROWN
254th Jud. Dist. Ct. - DARLENE EWING
Criminal District Court 2 - MARILYNN MAYSE
Criminal District Court 4 - DOMINIQUE COLLINS
Dallas County Sheriff - LUPE VALDEZ
Tax Assessor/Collector - JOHN AMES
County Commissioner 1 - DR. THERESA DANIEL
County Commissioner 3 - DWAINE CARAWAY
Justice of the Peace 2-1 - BRUCE PARROTT
Constable Precinct 1 - TRACY GULLEY
Dallas Co. Democratic Party Chair - CAROL DONOVAN