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Monday, June 04, 2007


Various local Democratic organizations made endorsements in the May primaries this year for Mayor, Councilmembers, or school board members. Some of their choices won outright, some made it into runoffs, and some just flat lost. I posted about their endorsements as I heard about them (here and here and here and here). Let me summarize for those Dallas races where there is a runoff that includes some candidate who was endorsed by one of those groups.

For District 3, Joseph Hernandez was endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats and the Young Democrats.

For District 5, Vonciel Jones Hill was endorsed by the Young Democrats and by PVL--A New Era.

For District 7, Donald R. Parish was endorsed by the Young Democrats.

And for Mayor, Ed Oakley was endorsed (for the runoff) by the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee, the Stonewall Democrats, and the Young Democrats.


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