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Monday, March 17, 2008

Rumor Control!

We ran out of forms and used blank paper. Will that still count?

Yes, this is legal in Texas (and yes, next time they'll have more forms!)

Are the District Conventions going to be postponed or cancelled?

No, and no one has sued to do that. Some precincts were so overwhelmed by the crowd they stopped putting voter certificate numbers on convention sign-in sheets, and campaigns want to verify the delegates are registered voters, but that will be easy to check.

I'm a delegate or alternate. Why haven't I gotten anything from the party about the convention?

First, each senate district does this for itself, not the party.
Second, because the locations are still being set (see the article above).
Third, because they have only just begun entering names in a database this weekend, and need to finish that to print mailing labels and sign-in sheets for the conventions. (If you have your delegates / alternates entered already, please email them to your district convention temporary chair and it may speed that up. The list is here.)

What happens at the district convention?

Delegates from each precinct that cast enough votes for the Democrat for Governor will elect one or more delegates on the state convention. Each district will also have some more allocated state delegates that will be elected at large, recommended by a Nominations Committee. We'll also consider proposals to change or add to the state Platform and Rules. And we'll hear from lots of officials, candidates, and other speakers.

Did Republicans vote in our primary?

Yes, voter history lookups show about 9% of our voters had Republican primary histories. However, exit polls show they split almost evenly. Essentially they cancelled each other out, and let us make our own choice. They were no more competent at trying to interfere in our primary than they have been trying to run our economy.


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