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Monday, March 10, 2008

Turn In Precinct Convention Minutes

Lists On Homemade Forms WILL Count

There are still just a few precincts whose convention minutes, sign-in sheets and delegate lists haven't reached the local party office yet. (Some are probably in the mail.) Until those last ones get in, no one really knows what the total results of the caucuses were, because we don't know which delegates were elected to the district conventions on March 29 from those precincts. If you still have yours, bring them to the DCDP office at 4209 Parry at Fletcher, between Haskell and Peak, two blocks south of Interstate 30. Call 214-821-8331.

(Some precinct or delegation chairs have already entered their own delegates / alternates in a database or at least typed up a separate list. If you are one of these, it could speed up the process in your own Senate District, since we all have thousands of names to enter. Please email them to your own temporary Senate District chair, listed here.

Because of the unpredicted huge turnout at the precinct conventions, almost every location ran out of forms. (There's a fascinating video of one large and diverse caucus crowd at this site.) Under Texas law, the conventions are authorized to use any other paper for those lists if needed, including blank sheets or leftover forms from the primary earlier that day. So please assure other caucus attendees that their results are still valid.


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