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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Memory: Lillian Grace Cooper

Last Thursday long-time Democratic Party Precinct Chair and election judge Lillian Grace Cooper passed away in Dallas. She graduated from Crozier Tech High School and from SMU with a business degree as a Valedictorian. She was survived by a son, four grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and other family members. Funeral services were last Saturday, and burial was at Hillcrest Memorial Park. Those wishing to memorialize Mrs. Cooper may do so by making contributions to Christ Lutheran Church or to the American Heart Association.

Who's Running In Austin?

Last week I offered to post here the contact information (and even a short blurb of about a hundred words) for anyone running in the five Dallas County State Senate districts for delegate, SDEC member, convention committee member, elector, and so on, at this year's State Convention. I calculate that between us all five districts will choose over sixty people to these many spots. The offer will remain open, and this list will be updated, at least through the time I leave for Austin Thursday, and right up until voting if the TDP actually comes through with live-blogging wireless access and power connections. Email me to stoutdemblog AT yahoo DOT com. Here's what I've received so far:


For National Delegate (Clinton):

Darlene Ewing email: chair AT dallasdemocrats DOT org 214-821-8331

For National Delegate (Obama):

David Brown email: dbbtexas AT gmail DOT com 214-282-0663
I am Precinct Chair in Sunnyvale on the east side of Dallas County. I know the rural parts of our district, having graduated from Wills Point High School. And I know the Dallas portion of our district, having graduated from SMU and practiced law in Dallas since 1995 (as in-house counsel for IBM the last 7 years). My home Precinct has a history of domination by Republicans but this year we turned out nearly as many Democrats as Republicans for the primary and caucus and we plan to build on that momentum through the fall. For the primary, I knocked on doors in the rain, made calls, and worked the polls all day, as I know many of you did. That effort will help us unify our party this fall, unify our country, and give Barack Obama the mandate for change and the strong congressional majority he needs to get our country back on track. I want to go to Denver and ensure our part of the Great State of Texas joins in that chorus for change.

For Presidential Elector:

Gay Michele email: mstical1 AT aol DOT com 972-216-9234 Attended almost every precinct and SD convention since 1972; Attended every state convention since 1988; Precinct chair since 2000; Kerry elector from SD2 2004; Chaired resolutions committee SD2 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008; Served on resolutions committee state convention 2006; Sustaining member DCDP; Volunteered on numerous campaigns on county, state and national levels. As a government professor at El Centro college I have encouraged young people to become involved in the democratic process. I am very proud that this year at least 50 of my students attended their precinct conventions and many of them have gone to to the SD convention. At least 5 of them will be attending their first state convention in Austin this year.

For State Democratic Executive Committee:

Martha Williams (incumbent) email: ervinstrategies AT comcast DOT net

Steve Tillery (incumbent) email: satillery AT gmail DOT com 214-821-8331


For State Rules Committee:

Michele Wong Krause email: mwong AT airmail DOT net 214-373-6565

For National Delegate (Clinton):

Jeanne S. Rubin email: jsr6959 AT 469-682-2198 webpage

Lenna Webb email: msnilknarf AT tx.rr DOT com 972-732-7712 Qualities you need in a Delegate to represent you in Denver at the National Democratic Convention: Leadership - Experience - Knowledge and Savvy to Navigate the System - Commitment to Democrats, No Matter Who Is Selected to Head our Ticket. If Elected, I will bring my experiences back to SD8 and put them to work in the service of Democrats. Vote for Lenna Webb, 2nd Term as President of North Dallas Texas Democratic Women, for delegate to National Convention.

Janice Schwarz email: 214-460-7283 webpage I would be honored to represent SD 8 in Denver. Besides the excitement of attending a historical convention, I look forward to learning grassroots organizing strategies, for winning House Dist. 102, restoring the Texas State House back to Democrats and helping turn Texas blue. Field Director – Carol Kent Campaign TX House Dist. 102; DCDP Strategic Planning Comm. - Responsible for Coordinated Campaign Precinct Targeting for 2008; Democratic Precinct Chair 1809; North Dallas Democrats HD 102 Club – Vice President; North Dallas Texas Democratic Women – Board Member; Co-Chair Nomination Committee 2008 SD 8 Dallas County Senatorial Convention; Regional Field Coordinator – Harriet Miller Campaign TX House Dist. 102; Prec. Captain — Martin Frost Campaign

Michele Wong Krause email: mwong AT airmail DOT net 214-373-6565


For State Nominations Committee:

Joseph Oguntodu email: joseph.oguntodu AT live DOT com 469-364-1172

For Nominations Committee for At-Large Delegates to the National Convention:

Joseph Oguntodu email: joseph.oguntodu AT live DOT com 469-364-1172

For National Delegate (Obama):

Carter Thompson 214-739-4444

For Presidential Elector:

Joseph Oguntodu email: joseph.oguntodu AT live DOT com 469-364-1172


For State Credentials Committee:

Sally Garcia email: sally_garcia AT yahoo DOT com 214-827-2308 5623 Anita St., Dallas 75206 webpage (pdf)
I worked on the Senate District 16 Credentials Committee this year and in 2004 served on the Nominations Committee. On the day of our convention, I helped resolve delegate credentials problems without regard to the presidential preference of the delegate and I will exert the same kind of energy and commitment on the State Credentials Committee if you elect me. It is of utmost importance that the person representing the 16th Senatorial District be able to work with others on the committee to create an environment which will allow all Texas Democrats to leave the convention with a desire to see the party united for victory in November. I believe that I am that kind of person.

Michelle "Chella" Cardona email: be.chella AT gmail DOT com 512-585-4778 webpage (pdf)

Ona Harris email: ona AT airmail DOT net 214-597-1922 I have served as a volunteer for many campaigns and at the county HQ for Bill Howell; been an election judge for most of 35 years; and been a delegate to the state conventions of either Oklahoma or Texas since I was 21 years old. I am an outspoken believer in voting and being counted. I have worked on the credentials committee at the regional level several times. We are all Democrats, first and foremost. I will be fair. And I am Proud, very Proud that we have so many excited, enthusiastic, political minded DEMOCRATS! This is the way to change the course of history. This is the time to change the attitude of our country. Now is our time to shine. And when we are all done.....we will all hold hands, let's sing "This Land is Your Land (thank you Woody Guthrie) and win the White House!

For Nominations Committee for At-Large Delegates to the National Convention:

Dr. David E. Johnson email: d-johns At swbell DOT net 214-520-8164 4131 Douglas Ave., Dallas 75219 webpage (pdf)

For State Platform Committee:

Tom Blackwell email: decision AT sbcglobal DOT net 214-361-5275 webpage(pdf)

For National Delegate (Clinton):

Barbara Rosenberg email: berosenberg AT sbcglobal DOT net 214-923-8067 webpage (pdf)

Theresa Daniel email: tmdan34 AT aol DOT com 214-327-4424 webpage (pdf)

Jay Narey email: jaynarey AT swbell DOT net webpage (pdf) I would like to ask for your vote for the Male Clinton Delegate position representing SD 16. I have been continually active in the Democratic Party for the last two and half decades and am very honored to have earned the support and endorsements of Party and Community leaders, Precinct Chairs, as well as 3 past National Delegates. Please visit the link above for a brief bio and detailed list of my Party experience at many different levels. Thank you for your consideration!

Trent Hagler email: thglr AT aol DOT com 214-507-1998 Trust: I have the commitment and trust to work for and with our Party’s ultimate nominee. Vision: I understand the need to continue getting the attention and attendance of national and statewide leadership to our District and County. Experience: I have direct experience and an impressive track record of achievements resulting from dedication, hard work and commitment.

Jeff Strater email: jeffstrater AT usa DOT net 214-893-1336
I was honored to be elected by my precinct as a state delegate and would be honored to serve as your national delegate. I have been a supporter and financial contributor to Hillary Clinton's campaign for over a year. Led precinct efforts that won both the primary and the caucus. Mobilized senate/county convention delegates throughout the state and made hundreds of phone calls to primarny voters in multiple states. Sustaining member and activist for the Dallas County Democratic Party for the past 12 years. Founded the Park Cities/Central Dallas Democrats in 1996. Elected as the Democratic Party nominee for Dallas County Clerk in 1998. Fundraising Chair for the Dallas County Democratic party leading efforts from 2000 through 2004. Involved in neighborhood issues and have served as an appointee to the City of Dallas Planning and Zoning Commission for three terms.

Philip C. Crouse email: crouse_phil AT msn DOT com 214-906-1900 webpage (pdf)

Melvin M. Munch Jr. email: MelvinMunch AT sbcglobal DOT net 3362 Merrell Rd., Dallas 75229 webpage (pdf)

For National Delegate (Obama):

Erin Moore email: erinmoore AT aol DOT com
214-734-1413 webpage (pdf)

Jessica Burnham-Hinton email: Yellowdog2002 AT hotmail DOT com 214-823-1959 webpage (pdf)
I have been an active member of the Texas Democratic Party since I voted in my first Primary in 1984. I have attended every Texas Democratic Convention since 1986. I have long been an activist for the environment, women’s rights, human rights, equality, and persons with disabilities. Even through various personal crises, I have remained a steadfast Democratic Party activist.This is the first year I have run for National Delegate. I believe I am ready to take a step forward in leadership. I want to represent the "fightin' 16th" in Denver.

Ruth Franklin email: nruthmf AT aol DOT com 214-499-4833

Mary Warren email: maryewarren2 AT mac DOT com
214-522-1389 4312 McKinney Avenue #16, Dallas 75205 webpage (pdf)

Maridell Templeton email: maridellt AT hotmail DOT com 214-343-MARI

Vicki Blanton email: VDBlanton AT aol DOT com

Gillian Parrillo email: gillianpar AT earthlink DOT net 916-747-4140
Obama Dallas Leadership Council member who has had the honor of spending many hours per week in various roles assisting the grassroots organization including staffing the front desk during the run up to the primary, staffing various large-scale events, planning a Dallas-wide voter registration program, serving as a Deputy Voter Registrar, writing the Obama digest newsletter, fundraising, recruiting additional volunteers, serving as precinct captain and assisting the Obama for America campaign in collecting and organizing the candidate data for State elections; Retired Fortune 1000 executive; Long term supporter of the Democratic party and of peace and women's rights having marched in many important events includng ratification of the ERA, protest against the invasion of Iraq, the Women's March on Washington; Member and financial supporter of: DNC,, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Texas Majority Builders and the Obama campaign. Proud mother of an Obama Delegate to the Hawaii convention.

Chris Luna email: LunaLawOffice AT aol DOT com
972-495-8425 P. O. Box 1523, Dallas 75221 webpage (pdf)

Alex Bashiti email: aramex At tx.rr DOT com 972-494-0322

Rollin Gary email dchair1140 AT att DOT net 214-739-3358

Jeff Templeton 214-341-0319

Dr. Gus A. Perez email: gusaperez AT sbcglobal DOT net 214-558-9600 webpage (pdf)

Joe S. Rowe email: joe AT obamadallas DOT com
972-690-1575 405 Tiffany Trail, Richardson 75081 webpage (pdf)

James Van Sickle email: james AT vansickle DOT us 214-399-1254 webpage (pdf)

For Presidential Elector:

Michelle Love email: Michellelove39 AT sbcglobal DOT net 5919 Hudson, Dallas 75206 469-767-8277 Nationally, I've volunteered with the Gore, Kerry and Obama campaigns. On Election Day in 2004, I worked with the Dallas Democratic Party Office by driving people to the polls. Last summer, my daughter and I volunteered at the YDA National Convention which was held here in Dallas. Locally, I've volunteered with Angela Hunt’s city council campaign and Trinity Vote. I also worked with Judge Martin Hoffman on his campaign. I've participated in anti-war protest in Boston before the war started and here in Dallas over the last five years. I'm also a member of Move On, Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats of America, Sierra Club and Oxfam. I'm an Obama Delegate Captain in SD 16. In my precinct 1224, I organized a "Postcards for Pennsylvania" event where we wrote over 200 postcards that were sent to potential voters.

Donald Crook e-mail: dcrookhome AT aol DOT com 214-826-2978
I unequivocally pledge to vote for the Democratic nominee for President after that candidate wins Texas in November! I bring extensive practice and professional experience and skills to this important job. I am a practicing attorney with many years of experience in government matters. I was with Kimberly-Clark for 15 years, where I directed the government relations function, and was the chief corporate attorney and an officer. I also worked for law firms in New York City, and for a U.S. Senate Subcommittee. I am a lifelong Democrat, and have been involved in every Presidential campaign since 1972. I have been actively involved in the grassroots campaign for Sen. Obama, where I: raised funds for and distributed 2,000 Obama yard signs; defeated a challenge to my Precinct's delegates at the District Convention; Chair of my Precinct's delegation to that Convention; an Obama captain; and a Team Leader for the State Convention.

For State Democratic Executive Committee:

Theresa Daniel (incumbent) email: tmdan34 AT aol DOT com 214-327-4424 webpage (pdf)

David Bradley email: dwbradley AT sbcglobal DOT net 214-213-1994 3464 Webb Garden Drive, Dallas 75229-5934 webpage (pdf)
David Bradley has been active in the Democratic Party for almost 25 years; is a former President of Dallas County Young Democrats, a longtime precinct chair; serves on the DCDP Advisory Committee; is a Sustaining Member of the DCDP and the TDP, and has been active in numerous campaigns over the years including his own for Dallas County Tax Assessor-Collector in 1992. He serves as Treasurer for the DCDP as well as Ken Molberg’s judicial campaign. David has been endorsed by many current and former elected officials, party officials and precinct chairs as well as many individuals who are participating in the convention process for the first time.

Bruce Rothstein email: bersmr AT prodigy DOT net 214-739-4617 6446 Joyce Way, Dallas 75225 webpage (pdf)

Juan Ayala email: jja613 AT sbcglobal DOT net 214-632-9085


For State Resolutions Committee:

Joe Biggs 214-207-9199

Kenneth Martin email: DmsKMart AT aol DOT com 214-680-0992 1409 S. Lamar St., Suite 216, L.B. 40, Dallas 75215 I previously worked in politics and I served in government at the state and federal levels (Massachusetts and Texas). My graduate and undergraduate training is in public policy and government (MPP from the JFK School of Government -- Harvard). My professional training is in the law (I've practiced since 1990). As a life-long Democrat and a student and practitioner of public policy, I have a keen interest, I am qualified and I am more than able to represent our Senatorial District and our State at the National Convention. I hope to meet you, later this week!

For Nominations Committee for At-Large Delegates to the National Convention:

Sarah Duncan email: sarahannduncan AT yahoo DOT com 214-562-6792

Sandra Biggs email: proudnavydaughter AT yahoo DOT com 214-598-8801

Kevin Felder email: feldersellshomes AT swbell DOT net 214-559-6999 8404 Capriola Lane, Dallas 75228

For National Delegate (Clinton):

Ann Hubener email: ann AT annhubener DOT com 972-841-6442

Sandra Biggs email: proudnavydaughter AT yahoo DOT com 214-598-8801

Anne Brabham anneb2005 at yahoo DOT com 214-552-1217

Neil Emmons email: neilemmons AT gmail DOT com 214-521-5260 P.O.Box 191474, Dallas 75219

Paul Tran email: pauljtran AT gmail DOT com

John Tackaberry email: demjohnt AT gmail DOT com 214-707-2157
As a long-time Democratic activist in Dallas County, I have volunteered to help elect Victor Morales, Regina Montoya Coggins, Manny Molera, Judge Ron Chapman, Pauline Dixon, Martin Frost, and Will Pryor to Congress; John Kerry in 2004; volunteering and fundraising for Harriet Miller, Katy Hubener, and Chris Bell; fundraising and organizing for Jim Foster; and managing Eric Roberson's campaign. I have served in the 23rd Senatorial District Precinct Chair Organization since its founding in 2001; on the board of Texas Democratic Women, North Dallas chapter; as an Election Judge; and am a member of the Stonewall Democrats.

For National Delegate (Obama):

Jerry Farmer email: jerry_farmer_mpa AT yahoo DOT com 318-280-7950

Kevin Felder email: feldersellshomes AT swbell DOT net 214-559-6999 8404 Capriola Lane, Dallas 75228
I have served as a precinct chair, election judge, deputy voter registrar and delegate to the Texas State Democratic Convention over the last 22 years. I have worked as a volunteer in school board campaigns all the way up to presidential campaigns. I am serving as a Barack Obama precinct captain. I have donated money to the Barack Obama campaign, made telephone calls and knocked on doors. I hope that you will agree that I have earned your support as your next 23rd senatorial district committeeman and National Delegate.

Kenneth Martin email: DmsKMart AT aol DOT com 214-680-0992 1409 S. Lamar St., Suite 216, L.B. 40, Dallas 75215 I previously worked in politics and I served in government at the state and federal levels (Massachusetts and Texas). My graduate and undergraduate training is in public policy and government (MPP from the JFK School of Government -- Harvard). My professional training is in the law (I've practiced since 1990). As a life-long Democrat and a student and practitioner of public policy, I have a keen interest, I am qualified and I am more than able to represent our Senatorial District and our State at the National Convention. I hope to meet you, later this week!

For Presidential Elector:

Eli Davis email: eli-davis AT msn DOT com I am Eli Davis, a candidate for Presidential Elector. I live in the 30th U. S. Congressional District, 23rd State Senatorial District, 111th State House District. I am serving my 32nd year as a Democratic Precinct Chair and am an alumnus of the State Democratic Executive Committee. As a strong grassroots Democratic worker, I am determined that "a change" has to occur. I will represent you well as Presidential Elector and vote as directed by the Electorate. I respectfully ask that you vote for me during the 23rd Caucus at State Convention. YOU CAN RELY ON ELI.

Carolyn King Arnold email: ckarnold53 AT yahoo DOT com
Sustaining Member - Dallas Democrat Party; Veteran Delegate - Precinct - 3537 - Local and State Conventions; Voting Constitutent - Dallas County Democrat - 28 years; Resolutions Committee Member - 2008 Convention;
Political Campaign Volunteer - Dallas County - 28 years (local, state, national races); Past Secretary - Progressive Voters League - New Era; President - Glen Oaks Homeowners Association - 3537 - 23rd Senatorial District; Organizer - Glen Oaks "Meet the Candidates Neighborhood Forum" 2006; Veteran Educator - Government, Economics, Technology -Dallas ISD -Yvonne A. Ewell Campus; Member - Friendship West Baptist Church; The experience that I will gain as a Presidential Elector will be used to educate and prepare others to get involved more actively in the process. This is not a responsibility that I will take for granted. As elector, I not only stand as a representative of the Democratic Party but of the People of Texas. I have always been and will always be a "die hard" Democrat. Remember....You Can "Count on Carolyn" Democratas Unidos!

For State Democratic Executive Committee:

Ken Molberg (incumbent) email: kmolberg AT wwmlawfirm DOT com 214-748-5276 2214 Main St., Dallas 75201 campaign website:

Kevin Felder email: feldersellshomes AT swbell DOT net 214-559-6999 8404 Capriola Lane, Dallas 75228
I have served as a precinct chair, election judge, deputy voter registrar and delegate to the Texas State Democratic Convention over the last 22 years. I have worked as a volunteer in school board campaigns all the way up to presidential campaigns. I am serving as a Barack Obama precinct captain. I have donated money to the Barack Obama campaign, made telephone calls and knocked on doors. I hope that you will agree that I have earned your support as your next 23rd senatorial district committeeman and National Delegate.

Committee Members Needed

The Dallas County Democratic Party has several committees that help coordinate party activities year-round. 4 of those currently need new members to operate effectively. Any Democrat may volunteer for these committees:

Party Operations

This committee makes recommendations regarding day-to-day operations of the party, with special focus on office procedure and Headquarters volunteers. Meetings are second Thursday of each month. Contact: Jessica Burnham-Hinton, yellowdog2002 AT hotmail DOT com


This committee makes recommendations regarding fundraising policies, procedures, and programs, including special events and sustaining membership. Contact: Shannon Bailey, demdonkey AT aol DOT com


This committee recommends policies, procedures, and programs for the internal and external communications of the Party. Contact: Mary Freeman, marye27 AT sbcglobal DOT net

Community Outreach

This committee recommends policies, procedures, and programs for broadening and increasing participation in Party activities. Contact: Francis Sarmiento, f62sarmiento AT yahoo DOT com

DNC Launches "McCainpedia"

Just to make it easier for folks to find the real facts about the Republican Presidential candidate, the Democratic National Committee has launched "McCainpedia", with articles and videos giving the truth about the in-denial abused spouse of GOP politics. ("Yes, I know the President's people lied about me before, but this time he says he really loves me!")

RSVP Now For Sunday's Celebration

Yes, we've already emailed DCDP Roundup readers a bulletin on this, but we really need to get a count of who's coming in advance, so:

Please RSVP by May 29th to Renee or Steve at 214-821-8331.

I Survived the Texas Two-Step:
A Celebration of the Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention

You survived your Precinct Convention.
You survived your Senate District Convention.

Now let's get ready for the State Convention.

Join fellow Dallas County Democrats as we celebrate our survival of the Texas Primary,
and the upcoming Texas Democratic Party State Convention.

Enjoy the hamburger buffet with all the fixin's, dessert and drinks.

We will also have Dallas County Democratic Party souvenirs for sale.

SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2008
5:00 PM -- 7:00 PM

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall
3629 W. Miller Rd.
Garland TX 75041

From I-635:
Exit at Kingsley / Jupiter Road exit
Go north on Jupiter Road
Go west on Miller Road

The admission price of $25.00 will help fund our 2008 Coordinated Campaign. We appreciate your support!


It is time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's weekly round-up.

refinish69 at Doing My Part For The Left is trying to understand why John Cornyn is such a.....

McBlogger takes a look at an email from Republican Chair Tina Fish begging for money.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wonders how the Webb County elections administrator can claim one recount where the votes didn't change vindicates their work on the Sheriff's recount where 160 votes flipped.

BossKitty at BlueBloggin tell us how truck owners and operators are delving into long-ignored gas saving subjects like aerodynamics, slower cruising speeds and all the snake oil scams to increase mileage. This could lower your food prices and consumables. See Ten mpg is now feasible … may save you money!

Lightseeker of Texas Kaos applies his powers of analysis and persuasion to the question of What Can Be Done to Keep the Momentum for Change Going? What's going on in your precinct to organize for November?

State Rep. Myra Crownover wants West Texas to have their very own radioactive waste dump. North Texas Liberal has the story.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that the word around Austin is that Rick Perry is planning on calling a Special Session of the Texas Legislature prior to the November elections. You won't believe why.

Chris Bell is widely rumored to be considering a run for the Texas Senate seat being vacated by Kyle Janek, and PDiddie at Brains and Eggs joins the call to encourage him to do so.

Social wing nuts are up to their old tricks, as the TX State Board of Education give the finger to teachers and parents alike this past week. On a 9-6 vote, your kids get a decade's worth of grammar lessons etched on a napkin.

lightseeker over at TexasKaos takes on the question of what to do with all these new Democratic/Progressive activists and voters? Are they doomed to grow quickly disillusioned, retreating into political cynicsm again ? What can be done to keep the momentum for change going?

Gary D at Easter Lemming Liberal News last week blasted Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams, Texas Monthly Blogger Paul Burka and Senator John 'Forget the Alamo' Cornyn because he is not bitter but sometimes he gets angry.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Are You Running For Something In Austin?

At this year's State Democratic Convention in Austin next month, we will be electing lots of people to many positions: Delegates and Alternates to the national convention in Denver, members of the Democratic National Committee, state party officers, State Democratic Executive Committee members, Presidential Electors, and members of the various committees at this year's State Convention. Various state Democratic organizations (such as the Stonewall Democrats) will also be meeting and choosing their own state officers. Much of this voting will take place in individual State Senate districts, meeting in their own caucuses beginning Friday afternoon, June 6.

Naturally, with all the enthusiasm for our Presidential candidates this year, a lot of people are seeking these various spots. There isn't any official list because, except for national delegate -- which has an advance filing deadline, people can decide to run for most of these on the day of the voting. However, several eager volunteers have already begun campaigning. The list is already too long to print in the DCDP email Roundup, but if anyone from Dallas County who is interested in any of these spots will send me (email to stoutdemblog AT yahoo DOT com) their name and contact info along with what they're running for [and why -- but keep it positive and down to 100 words or so], I'll post them on my own website here and put a link to that in the next two week's issues of the Roundup email. As with the Presidential contest, we have plenty of good Democrats running.

In Memory: Marshall Hodge

On May 13 the Reverend Dr. Marshall Earl Hodge passed away at 78, survived by his wife and three grandchildren. He was a longtime Democratic Precinct Chair in Dallas County, and had served as President of the Dallas chapter of the NAACP, and as a member of the national board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Daniel Babb Gets Volunteer Of The Year Award

Daniel Babb was selected as the 2007 Volunteer of the Year for the Dallas County Democratic Party. The award was presented to Dan in absentia at the February 17th Jefferson Jackson Dinner at the Dallas Arboretum. County Chair Darlene Ewing explained to the crowd of several hundred people that Dan had done an exemplary job over the past few years of developing the party website at Dan has spent countless hours improving the website and keeping it up-to-date. The website has become a critical platform for Party communication and organization. It's people like Dan who are turning Dallas County blue. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done Daniel Babb!

Judge Don Adams Helps Fight DWIs

"Judge Don Adams, our Democratic judge in Criminal District Court #2 will be participating in the Memorial Day No-Refusal Weekend and has volunteered his time this holiday weekend to aid the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff's Office in protecting our citizens from the dangers posed by those that choose to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Have a safe Memorial Weekend!"

For more on this program, see this article: " Over the last year, Fort Worth, Arlington, Richardson, Plano and other cities have employed "no refusal" weekends, which require motorists to give blood samples if police suspect they are intoxicated and they refuse Breathalyzer tests. The blood is drawn after authorities obtain a search warrant. ... Fort Worth held its first "no refusal" weekend over the New Year's holiday and had no serious or fatal accidents from drunken driving." There's more in this article.


It's Monday, and that means it's time to show some love for the best posts from the members of the Texas Progressive Alliance for the preceding week. Check out the best that the Alliance has to offer, brought to you this week by refinish69 at Doing My Part For The Left.

WhosPlayin took a look at the Daisetta Sinkhole and wonders what part the saltwater disposal well on the site exceeding its licensed capacity might have played.

Boadicea of Texas Kaos has a clue for hapless Congresscritter John Culberson, who had his ass handed to him on the floor of the House this week.Memo to Cubby-Read the Bill BEFORE You Speak.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme joins the chorus criticizing the border patrol's plan to use hurricane evacuation as a means to find undocumented residents.

Refinish69 has a little talk with progressives over at Doing My Part For The Left about how Tomorrow never comes.

Not all of the countywide offices up for election in Harris County this year are high profile, but some of them should be more prominent on the public's radar. Off the Kuff takes a look at one such office with his early overview of the County Attorney race.

In response to the Mainstream Media's declaration (or whitewash) that the March 29 county and senate district caucuses were perfect, Vince at Capitol Annex says otherwise in the first of several pieces that looks at individual challenges to the conventions.

$422 Million. That is what most oil companies settle out of court for with Dallas super law firm Baron & Budd this past week. But the Texas Cloverleaf asks why is Exxon the lone holdout to want to go to trial in an election year?

Harry Balczak over at McBlogger takes look at a new website that's really nailed Chris Matthews and Tim 'Gotcha' Russert.

North Texas Liberal's Texas Toad explores the GOP's tarnished brand.[Also, please note that NTL has a new home:]

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on Speaker Tom Craddick giving up his number one job, protecting members of the Texas House in Lots Of Smoke, Little Fire, But Lots Of Ire.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Watching The Web 080512

Drawing For Guest Passes At State Convention

Usually there is room for Democrats who are not delegates or alternates to watch our state conventions. This year there is so much more enthusiasm that the state party expects to run out of room for observers in the convention hall in Austin, even with an extra spillover room with closed circuit TV. So they've started a drawing for guest passes. (They're still free, just limited in number.) Read more about it and apply on line here.

Either Way We Win!

From Saturday's L.A. Times:
"... both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama probably would win the White House against presumptive GOP nominee John McCain if the election were held now, according to a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll.

"Arizona Sen. McCain remains competitive, but the poll identified one important vulnerability: Voters ranked him lowest among the three candidates on who could best handle the nation's economy -- by far the most pressing concern for the public irrespective of party, gender or income. ...

"In a hypothetical matchup, the poll gave Illinois Sen. Obama 46% to McCain's 40%, with 9% undecided. Clinton led McCain 47% to 38%, with 11% undecided. The nationwide poll, conducted May 1 through Thursday and released Friday, had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points."