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"Politics is the only game for adults." --from Robert A. Heinlein's Double Star

Monday, October 30, 2006


Happy Horrordays

The President of the United States continues to practice his Headless Horseman imitation, dashing about the country tossing verbal pumpkins at Democrats, liberals, and anyone with the common sense to oppose his failed and dangerous policies abroad and at home. With polls showing most Americans have now turned against his disastrous occupation of Iraq, he and his supporters are trying to rewrite history. Fortunately, the internet doesn't forget. The Democratic National Committee has put up a great video showing just how dishonest his latest claims are about not being "stay the course"; watch it here. And Olbermann gives the phrase a fond "Rest In Peace". Of course they would also like us to forget how they let people die after Katrina.

Such malevolent incompetents require enablers, like the networks which refused to run this ad for a documentary about how the far right tried to censor the Dixie Chicks for criticizing Bush. You can see a longer trailer for the movie here. Then there are the talk-show cheerleaders of venom, like Rush's attacks on Michael J. Fox for making ads for Democrats supporting stem cell research (Olbermann dissects his cruelty here), or the many web pundits who have lied about and slimed Bush's critics since the war began (there is an hilarious multi-part documentary of them here). Sadly, Republican racism is showing in several ads nationwide.

The forces of good are fighting back. Majority Report, a group including our former Congressman Martin Frost, has done several ads, such as this dynamite one on stem cells. There have been a host of hilarious or powerful ones put up against defeat-deserving Republicans, like this delight in Ohio, or this wild one against the same turkey. Some veterans express real anger in this one.

Here in Texas, Bill Clinton has done a voice ad for Chris Bell you can listen to here. Senator Royce West has done a TV spot against the sinking Kinkster here. The local Republicans are putting out really nasty stuff against our judicial candidates. They should be afraid, when the Dallas Observer is running frightening tales like this one about Andrew Chatham's opponent: "Undue Process" (subtitled "Want to send an innocent man to prison for life? Judge Karen Greene is ready to help.") Meanwhile, our own Judge Sally Montgomery, still being attacked by the vengeful Republican good old boys, has put up a study demonstrating their prejudice. They know they are losing power, and they are running scared.

Now All That Matters Is Turnout....

Almost everyone who is likely to vote has already made up his or her mind. For the few left, there are plenty of ads going out trying to convince them, on TV, radio, cable, internet, newspapers and tons of mailings. Polls show most people (yes, even here in Texas) agree more with most Democrats on most issues.

If they turn out to vote, our candidates win. If the Republicans manage to scare enough of their blindly dedicated kool-aid drinkers out to the polls and Democrats stay home, then the bad guys get another two years of no oversight and keep driving the country off the cliff. What you can do for all of our futures is:
  • 1. Make sure you have voted. (Do it today!)
  • 2. Make sure every Democratic-leaning voter you know has voted. (Be a pest about it!)
  • 3. Volunteer time. (See the how-to article below.)
  • 4. Give money. (Ditto.)
  • 5. Pray for, hope for, or visualize the public coming to the polls in record numbers and rejecting the politics of fear and hatred.
"...the only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
--Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address, 1933

Make Sure The Votes Count....

If you vote early on those touch-screen machines, be very careful to review your votes before you finish. There have been several reports of problems with this, such as this one from Collin County, or this "glitch" from Travis and Hays Counties (which has also been seen in some other states).

Locally, the Republicans at early voting locations are acting more desperate than I have ever seen them, challenging voters on no valid grounds, shouting at them and trying to intimidate or delay and discourage them, and sometimes just flatly giving voters bad information (like telling them that if they just vote for Chris Bell, that will vote for all of the Democrats). Our party officials and legal warriors are running around fighting this constantly, but we need your help too.

If you're not already working at the polls (or in get out the vote efforts) on election day, then please volunteer to be a poll watcher. Of course, even most Republicans are honest and fair ... especially when they know someone is there watching them. If you can do this Nov. 7 (or even during this last week of early voting), call the party office at 214-821-8331.

He's Back ... And So Is Chris

Next Monday, the day before the election, the President will be disrupting air and ground traffic here in Dallas for a big Republican rally at Reunion Arena. There are of course some who will be trying to demonstrate against this event; you can find out more at their web page. Bear in mind that on his visit to Dallas in February, protesters were herded by police, on penalty of arrest, into a distant "free speech zone", where they couldn't even catch a glimpse of his limousine, and he was safely protected from seeing them. (See details of that violation of our rights here.)

Earlier that same day, the much more accessible Democratic candidate for Governor Chris Bell brings his Bell On Wheels Tour to Dallas. He'll be here from 1 to 2 PM in Fair Park, in front of the Hall of State, at 3939 Grand, Dallas.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

(For the latest updates on local events, and links to more info about these, always check the DCDP website Calendar.)

Now through Friday, November 3:
  • Early Voting for this year's election (list of dates, times, and places here)
Monday, October 30:
  • Dallas Democrats Meetup (7 PM, La Madeleine on Mockingbird by SMU)
Saturday, November 4:
  • Democratic Party Precinct Walks from the north Dallas office (9 AM and 2 PM, 5930 LBJ [blue four-story building southwest from the corner of LBJ and Preston; park up the second floor ramp in the rear], Suite 200; call Kirk at 972-701-8683)
  • Park Cities / Central Dallas Democrats (10:30 AM, Oak Lawn Branch, Dallas Public Library)
Sunday, November 5:
  • Precinct Walks from the north Dallas office (2 PM, 5930 LBJ [blue four-story building southwest from the corner of LBJ and Preston; park up the second floor ramp in the rear], Suite 200; call Kirk at 972-701-8683)
Monday, November 6:
  • Chris Bell brings his Bell On Wheels Tour to Dallas (1 to 2 PM, Fair Park, in front of the Hall of State, 3939 Grand, Dallas)
Tuesday, November 7:
  • Election Day (polls open 7 AM to 7 PM, voting locations here; find your precinct here), followed by:
  • VICTORY WATCH PARTY -- this will be a HUGE celebration (7 to 11 PM, Lonestar Ballroom [which will be Wi-fi ready], Adam's Mark Hotel downtown, 400 Olive St. at Live Oak, Dallas)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Open Letter To:
Carl Ginsberg
Carter Thompson
Jim Foster
King Fifer
Dan Patterson
Michael E. Miller
Joe Wells

I will be sending a contribution to each of you that has a mailing address for donations on your campaign web site. I have not given money to any other candidates this year, but I have to make an exception in this case.

As you should be able to expect of a former Dallas County Chair of the Democratic Party, I will be voting for every Democrat this fall. I will not be crossing over to vote for any Republican against you or any of our other nominees. This is even more important than usual this year, when the Republican President and elected and party officials openly accuse Democrats of treason and wanting to help terrorists, unrepudiatied by any of their local candidates. They all deserve defeat for their silence about such fundamentally un-American hate-mongering against us by their party leaders.

Our party rules allow us to remove any party officer who openly supports a Republican against a Democrat in the general election, and we have done so in the past. The law does not give us the option of removing for that cause a public official who was elected as a Democrat. We can only repudiate their action, and remember their conduct in future primaries. Above all, we can make it very, very clear to the world that they do not speak for us. My contributions to you are my small way of doing so.
For those who do not know what is going on here, on October 21, 2006, I and several other Democrats received an oversized postcard, shown reduced here. Underneath the image I have typed the text from the card.

Dear Voter,

Thanks for the tremendous support you have provided me over the years. I am asking for your HELP, again. You can EARLY VOTE, at any location, but on ELECTION DAY, you must VOTE in your precinct. I am asking you to VOTE the DEMOCRATIC Lever, however, the people pictured are good people, doing a great job. I ask you to VOTE the Democratic lever, then support OUR TEAM.

Pictured from left to right: Judge David Evans, District Judge 193rd; Judge Margaret Kelliher [sic], County Judge; Lisa Hembry, Dallas County Treasurer; Commissioner John Wiley Price, District 3; Judge Ada Brown, County Criminal Court No. 1; Judge Manny Alvarez, Criminal District Court No. 5
Not Pictured: Judge John Peyton, County Court at Law No. 2; Judge Joe Loving, County Probate Court No. 3

I have served on the Juvenile Board, appointed Judges and watch [sic] these individuals perform in the best interest of our county.
VOTE them back on OUR TEAM!

With Regards,
John Wiley Price, yOUR Man Downtown
Paid for by the John Wiley Price Campaign and Zan Holmes, Jr. Treasure [sic]
If anyone wants to see the full size card, I have scanned it and can email you a copy.

Price is the only member of the Dallas County Commissioner's Court who was elected as a Democrat. There is not a single person with him in this picture or listed below that is not a Republican. Since he has chosen to openly stab seven of our Democratic nominees in the back with this card urging people to override their straight-party vote and re-elect these Republicans, the Democrats of Commissioner's Precinct three may change his status in the 2008 primary. Filing opens in December of 2007, and the fee is $1,250.00. It is time for such apostasy to have consequences.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Dallas Morning News is clearly an extremely conservative paper. Its endorsement of Republicans doesn't even merit a yawn. This year the harsh reality of Republican incompetence and impending defeat has broken through their satisfied placidity and frightened them. Hence they have tried editorially throwing over a few of the more embarrassing occupants of their GOP troika as sacrifices to the enraged voters nipping at the sled. Fortunately, we're running lots of good Democrats whose bandwagons the editorial writers can jump onto.

For State Representative, they endorsed incumbent Democrats Rafael Anchia, Roberto Alonzo, Helen Giddings, and Yvonne Davis, who are virtually certain winners anyway. But, they also supported three Democrats, Katy Hubener ("a strong new voice for utility reform and clean air"), Allen Vaught ("understands how Texas should prepare for a future with seismic population changes"), and Phillip Shinoda ("smart and well intentioned. He has broader perspective on issues"), who are all running against incumbent Republicans. In a fourth such race, they also had high praise for Harriet Miller, admitting it was "a very close call" and they would "welcome the opportunity to recommend the Dallas mediator for another office." That is very impressive for all four of these challengers.

For judicial offices, the paper backed thirteen Democratic candidates: Jim Jordan, Craig Smith, Emily Tobolowsky, Robert Burns, Carter Thompson, Mike Snipes, Lena Levario, Lori Chrisman Hockett, Tena Callahan, incumbent Judge Dennise Garcia, Ken Tapscott, Teresa Tolle, and Elizabeth Frizell. Almost all of these are also running against incumbent Republicans. In a wonderful example of karma coming back on someone, they also supported Gary Fitzsimmons for District Clerk against the incumbent Republican there.

They also had some good things to say about many Democrats they did not endorse, writing "In many judicial races this year, both candidates are so strong that voters can't go wrong either way." They praised Carlos Cortez's "laudable pro bono background", Martin Hoffman's "impressive level of community service", Marty Lowy ("We like him enough to suggest he pick a lesser incumbent for his next campaign"), Bruce Priddy as "a respected lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience", Gena Slaughter as one who "holds promise", Jeanine Howard as "experienced in appellate work", Ernie White as "no slouch", Rick Magnis as "well versed in criminal law", and David Hanschen as "an intriguing candidate", saying "in another race, he might deserve a chance",

The News also praised our judicial candidates Lynn Cherry as having "the heart to be a creative judge" who "hasn't made the case, however, for why [the incumbent] should be pushed aside" [though D Magazine did], D'Metria Benson as having "a strong background", King Fifer as "an intelligent go-getter with a strong résumé", Doug Skemp's "more than three decades of criminal law experience" which "might merit a recommendation" in another race, Angela King's "experience on the prosecution and defense sides", Peggy Hoffman's "solid résumé and seven years of experience", Roberto Cañas as "a respected county prosecutor" who "has the potential to become a solid judge", and, for County Treasurer, Joe Wells as having "relevant experience and a good working knowledge of county government".

It was amusing to watch the knots they had to tie themselves in to avoid backing the Democrat in some of the other races. They agreed Andy Chatham "raises legitimate questions about [the incumbent's] work ethic". They criticized the opponent of Mark Stoltz because of a "shocking disparity" in sentencing: "A white, politically connected killer received unsupervised probation; a poor, black robber of $2, sent to prison for life after violating probation." They admit of Jim Foster's incumbent opponent: "Sometimes her aggressive dissent misses the mark." Their carefully crafted circumlocutions against two Democratic incumbents they have long fumed against could be entered in a gymnastics competition. In some cases their widdle feelings were clearly hurt because a candidate didn't bother to respond to their questionnaire or show up for an interview.

I miss the old Dallas Times Herald, which was bought out by its rival fifteen years ago. Naturally, the George H. W. Bush administration did not object then to this creation of a monopoly in local daily newspapers as a violation of antitrust laws. Even before the added arrogance of being the only major paper in town, the News had been nationally the very symbol of a downright reactionary editorial policy. Though some competent people work there, the ownership still seems to resent the twentieth century itself. In my precinct I often saw endorsement by the paper actually hurt candidates in the Democratic primary. In the general election, their endorsing a Democrat may pick up independent voters out of surprise, but their support for a Republican doesn't have nearly the effect they dream that it does. Welcome to the new world, folks, where people can get their own information and make up their own minds.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


An invitation just received from the Texas Democratic Party:

Dear fellow Democrat,

I hope you will join us and support the Texas Democratic Party's Road to Victory Tour at a special event in Dallas this Thursday, October 12th.

The Texas Democratic Party of today is not the Party of the past. Chairman Boyd Richie is utilizing the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art online voter file. He's expanding training programs and making tools and resources available to candidates, county chairs and activists. He also launched an aggressive, pro-active communications plan that helped expose the failed Republican leadership and contributed to the fall of Tom DeLay.

Now, it's time to focus our efforts on the November elections. Chairman Richie has pledged that all proceeds from this special event will go to fund a direct voter communications program, not overhead or administration expenses. And, the TDP will be getting out the vote for all Democratic candidates by advocating a vote for the "Straight Democratic Ticket".

The October 12th event will be at home of Wendy and Marc Stanley. Singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen will perform a rare acoustic set and we’re sure it will be a great evening. There's more information below.

We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks.

Hon. Ron Kirk
Hon. Royce West
Hon. Martin Frost

Please Join:

Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee - Chaired by Representatives Jim Dunnam, Garnet F. Coleman & Pete P. Gallego

Texas AFL-CIO - President Emmett Sheppard and Secretary-Treasurer Becky Moeller * Texas Democratic Women * Texas Federation of Teachers * Annie’s List * Texas Values in Action Coalition * Lone Star Project

Naomi Aberly * Representative Roberto Alonzo * Amber Anderson and Steve Mostyn * Ben Barnes * Fred Baron and Lisa Blue * Tom Black * Cecilia and Garrett Boone * Debbie and Frank Branson * Dorothy and Russell Budd * Suzan Cardwell * Serena Connelly * Senator Rodney Ellis * Representative Jessica Farrar * Senator Mario Gallegos * Richard Garriott * Russ Graham * Melanie Gray and Mark L. D. Wawro * Congressman Al Green * William Fred Hagans * David Hardt * Representative Ana Hernandez * Hissey, Kientz, and Herron, PLLC * Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky * Lisa and Peter Kraus * Lowell Lebermann * Libby and Dale Linebarger * Dorothy Mackie Lurié, PhD * Nancy McGregor Manne and Neal Manne * Andy and Dave Matthiesen * Garry Mauro * Don D. Montgomery, Jr. * Max Sandlin * John Sharp * Wendy and Marc Stanley * Representative Marc Veasey * Kirk Watson * Kelly White and Bill McLellan * Senator John Whitmire * Claudia and Bill Wilson * Speaker Jim Wright

On the Road to Victory Tour

Benefiting the Texas Democratic Party's Voter Communication Program

With special guest
Robert Earl Keen
Performing a rare acoustic set

Thursday, October 12th

At the home of Wendy and Marc Stanley
7403 Midbury, Dallas, TX 75230

Event will begin at 7:00 p.m.

[Attendance: $1000 for two tickets, and up]

To RSVP and purchase tickets online, click on the link to the Oct. 12 Dallas event on this page.

For more information, please contact:
Russell Langley at (214) 350-7875

All net proceeds from the Road to Victory Tour will be used to pay for direct voter communication for the 2006 elections . Not a single dime will be used to cover administrative costs or other party overhead.

Our pledge to you is that your contribution will help win elections this year.

We need your support TODAY. Together, we will win elections.

Your friends & fellow Democrats,
Boyd L. Richie, Chairman, Texas Democratic Party
Rep. Jim Dunnam, Chair, HDCC
Rep. Garnet F. Coleman, Chair, HDCC
Rep. Pete P. Gallego, Chair, HDCC

Paid for by the Texas Democratic Party
707 Rio Grande Street, Austin, Texas, 78701
This communication not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Chris Bell Hits A Triple
In the live televised debate among Texas gubernatorial candidates Friday night, Democrat Chris Bell was by far the most informed, prepared, articulate and poised of the four candidates who want to lead the Lone Star State for the next four years. For those who say they didn't know Bell, and for those who do know him and have thought him to be too "dull," the appearance Friday evening should have convinced them that Bell is the most qualified candidate for governor of Texas." --Bob Ray Sanders
(Read it all here.) If you missed the debate, the whole hour can be viewed online at this page. The Chris Bell campaign has also helpfully provided us a Fact Check on the other three Republicans he faced at this page.

Molly Ivins has also endorsed the Democrat for Governor in her column: "Ring The Bell For A Texas Democrat", concluding "Let's make it a vote for Annie."

Digging Their Own Hole Deeper....

Polls across the country show support for Republicans in Congress imploding. The latest scandal over covering up for one of their own's improper conduct with underage pages shows how little they really care for family values, except as a campaign slogan, and the voters are getting the message. Former DCDP County Chair Ken Molberg posted a biting column on this at "Perverts, Predators, Prevaricators, And 'Publicans".

Last week they also showed how little they cared for our own Constitution, voting in both houses of Congress to toss out even the 800-year old right of habeas corpus. That's the part of the Magna Carta that lets us talk to a lawyer and force the government to convince a judge they have evidence of a crime, instead of just locking anyone up at their whim. Bush's revised version is somewhat looser. Olbermann asks the President accusing us
of treason "Why has the ferocity of your venom against the Democrats, now exceeded the ferocity of your venom against the terrorists?" Watch it all here.

The only way to stop this out-of-control gang is to replace the Republican majorities with Democrats. This year, remember who stands up for our rights. Our candidate for U.S. Senator is Barbara Ann Radnofsky. The two U.S. House districts all inside Dallas County are Dist. 30, where we are represented by incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, and Dist. 32, where our candidate is Will Pryor. In the districts only partly in Dallas County, our candidates are, for Dist. 3: Dan Dodd, for Dist. 5: Charlie Thompson, for Dist. 24: Gary R. Page, and for Dist. 26: Tim Barnwell. In other districts touching the county line (or just outside it), our candidates are, for Dist. 4: Glenn Melançon, for Dist. 6: David T. Harris, for Dist. 12: John R. Morris, and our other local incumbent Congressman in Dist. 17: Chet Edwards.

(And thanks for that great picture and slogan to If I Ran the Zoo.)

In Memory: Millie Seltzer

On Friday Millie Seltzer passed away at age 83, following a heart attack last week. She had been Democratic Precinct Chair of 1119 (in northwest Dallas) for decades. According to the Oral History Collection at the Sixth Floor Museum, "On November 22, 1963, Mrs. Seltzer took her six children to Love Field to see President Kennedy’s arrival. Beginning in 1966, she and her husband, the late Dr. Holbrooke Seltzer, became prominent anti-Vietnam War activists in Dallas and participated in weekly silent protests in Dealey Plaza." The Dallas News said that just two weeks ago "she traveled to Austin to pay her respects to late Governor Ann Richards, whose children had attended the Cooperative Preschool that Millie founded and ran at First Unitarian Church for 11 years." In 2005 she was one of the two people receiving the national Outstanding Local Representative Award from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. SDEC member Theresa Daniel called her "another great Democrat who has been there for so many years fighting for what was right".

She is survived by six children, eleven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. A memorial service will be held this Thursday at 11 AM at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, 4015 Normandy Ave. at Preston (one half-block north of Mockingbird). In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to the Barton Center for Diabetes Education (, the Social Action Committee of the First Unitarian Church, or the Dallas Peace Center.

"But I Play One On The Bench...."

One incumbent Republican Judge has been loose with the facts and gotten called on it. The state's psychologists' licensing board has ordered Susan Rankin to stop claiming falsely that she is a "former psychologist". Channel 11 ran a news story on this which you can watch at this site (they'll show an ad first; be patient). You can also read two great articles, with further links to still more in D Magazine and other sources, at Red State Feminist at this page and at this page. Rankin's Democratic opponent for the 301st Family District Court is Lynn Cherry.

Faces of Change Billboards Are Up

Finally all of Dallas knows who the real Faces of Change are. We appreciate everybody's help in raising money and donating your face for this effort. Every face is on all three billboards. The billboard locations are:
  • 75 Northbound - left side just north of I-30 and Commerce.
  • 175 Southbound at Jim Miller.
  • I-35 Southbound at Saner - right side just north of the 67 split.
  • Bonus - Power For Change Logo only billboard at Oak Lawn and Lemmon.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Candidate Events This Week

(Details on all of these are below in Upcoming Meetings & Events.)
  • Several of our candidates are likely to be present TONIGHT (Monday) to mingle and hear four bands play at the Dallas County Young Democrats third Texas Democratic Revolution event.
  • The Dallas County Democratic Victory Fund will be holding two receptions for our judicial candidates this week, for Civil and Family Judge nominees on Tuesday, and for nominees for Criminal courts on Thursday.
  • Also on Thursday are a celebration for Will Pryor for Congress, and fundraisers for Katy Hubener for State Representative District 106, and for Martin Hoffman for Judge, 68th Civil District Court.
  • Sunday will be the big October Bash with bands for Mary Abeyta for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1.
  • Friday is the date of the TV debates with Chris Bell for Governor, for which the Texas Democratic Party is helping people hold debate-watching house parties. Bell will also be speaking Wednesday to the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce, and is scheduled to meet Grand Prairie voters with Katy Hubener Wednesday afternoon.
In Memory: Malcolm Dade

On September 26, Malcolm Dade passed away. The Dallas attorney had been a Democratic Precinct Chair, and twice was our candidate for State Representative in District 108. He ran in 2002, then again in 2004. Demonstrating the effectiveness of his strong belief in grass-roots precinct walking, he increased his total in the second campaign by over 8,000 votes and four whole percentage points. Only a serious illness last year prevented him from running again.

Malcolm was also a retired Army Reservist and a Mason. He is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren, one great-granddaughter, and several other family members. Memorial services will be at 4 PM, Wednesday, October 4, at Restland Memorial Chapel (972-238-7111). In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be sent in his name to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, 2222 Welborn St., Dallas, TX 75219-3993.

What Happened To Air America Radio?

If you've tried listening to KXEB 910AM for sane radio political talk, you now hear only religious music and commentary. That's because the station was bought by a religious media company which cancelled Air America's local broadcast. The show's local supporters are already working on finding a new station for AAR, and have an active site on the web, with a link to a petition you can sign to bring back the show. You can also hear it by live streaming on line, by podcasts or rss feeds, or by subscribing to satellite radio; details on all those options are here.

Suffixes Matter

Just to show what very bad company the misusers of our party name are in, here is an item sent in by Bruce Priddy, our candidate for Judge of the 116th Civil District Court, which he got from King Fifer, our candidate for Judge of Dallas County Court at Law No. 2. According to The Columbia Guide to Standard American English (1993) [quoted online here]:
Democrat (adj., n.), Democratic (adj.):

The proper noun is the name of a member of a major American political party; the adjective Democratic is used in its official name, the Democratic party. Democrat as an adjective is still sometimes used by some twentieth-century Republicans as a campaign tool but was used with particular virulence by the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin, a Republican who sought by repeatedly calling it the Democrat party to deny it any possible benefit of the suggestion that it might also be democratic.
Needed: Poll Watchers And Clerks

Early Voting starts Monday, October 23. We need extra eyes to watch the dirty tricks and illegal intimidation. BECOME A POLL WATCHER OR A CLERK ON ELECTION DAY, so that we can catch and stop them when they violate the rights of our voters. Call the party office at 214-821-8331 if you can help or for more details. Give us some time now, so you can have a future to look forward to.

Lots Of Chances To Walk For Democrats

Volunteers are still canvassing Democratic voters in two shifts on Saturdays and one on Sunday from the north Dallas coordinated campaign office. If you can walk (or drive teams of walkers) put on some comfortable shoes and join the fun. We walk on Saturday at 9 AM and again at 2 PM, then we'll do an afternoon shift on Sunday at 2 PM.

The north Dallas office is also open weekdays from 9 AM to 8 PM, and volunteers are doing phone banking during those hours. It is at 5930 LBJ Freeway, Suite #200. That's the blue four-story office building southwest of the intersection of LBJ and Preston Road. We're on the second floor, but you can drive up the ramp on the west side rear to park in the 2nd floor garage and enter there. For directions or details, call 972-701-VOTE(8683) and speak to Kirk McPike.

Meanwhile other walks are going on in Irving every weekend through October 29th. Meet at Lee Park Recreation Center at 3000 Pamela in Irving at 9 AM on Saturdays and at 2 PM on Sundays. Contact Kim Limberg at (972)570-4783.

Also, the campaign for Allen Vaught for State Representative in District 107 (east Dallas) is also hiring paid canvassers. They will be walking every weekday evening from 5 - 8 PM, two shifts Saturday from 10 PM - 6 PM, and Sundays from 12 noon - 5 PM. Call Sarah Hauser at 214-826-7179.

The Missing Republican Signs....

There are a lot fewer than usual Republican yard signs out, and all but one or two of their candidates for Judge seem to have forgotten to list their party on the sign. What are they afraid of? Could it be the polls showing support for Republicans, from Bush on down, is cratering this year? As each week another Republican Congressman resigns or gets implicated in yet another scandal, and new reports and books show how incompetent and corrupt they are, most of their local judicial candidates seem to have decided to "cut and run" from links to their party.

Democrats, though, are running with heads high. Show your neighbors you are proud of them all. We've got both small and big (4 feet by 4 feet) signs reading "Had Enough? Vote Democratic". We'd like to get the big ones up around the county, preferably on private property that faces busy streets, schools that are voting locations and other high traffic areas. Please email sarahannduncan AT yahoo DOT com or call her at 214-821-8331. We will take care of getting them out and up; we need to know if it should be freestanding, go on a wood fence, chain link, etc.

We've also got individual candidate signs. Spread the word and help build name ID for our 42 candidates for Judge and our other office-seekers. Come on by and get them at one of our three offices: the main one downtown near Fair Park (214-821-8331), the north office near LBJ and Preston (972-701-VOTE(8683)), or the south office near Camp Wisdom and IH20 (972-780-7162).

Upcoming Meetings & Events:

(For the latest updates on local events, and links to more info about these, always check the DCDP website Calendar.)

Monday, October 2:
  • Dallas County Young Democrats Third Texas Democratic Revolution event. With four great bands and a chance to have your voice heard in the evening's "political mug shot" art installation
    piece, it's an all ages show you won't want to miss. Tickets are only $8 at the door. Bands include: Peter Schmidt and His Gentlemen Scholars, PPT, Blackheart Society, and Travis Hopper. Local artists Sarah Jane Semrad, Hal Samples, and Carissa Byers will create a multi-media visual art piece on the spot. (6:30 to 9:30 PM, The Gypsy Tea Room at 2548 Elm, in Deep Ellum, downtown Dallas)
Tuesday, October 3:
  • Dallas County Democratic Victory Fund reception for Civil and Family Judge Nominees [and all Democratic candidates] (5:30 to 7:30 PM, The Stoneleigh P, 2926 Maple, Dallas)
Wednesday, October 4:
  • Democratic candidate for Governor Chris Bell is the speaker at the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce lunch for $20 -- if you want to sit at one of Katy Hubener's tables call 972.296.9400 for reservations (11:30 AM, Hilton Garden Inn Duncanville, at the corner of IH-20 and Main Street)
  • Chris Bell is also scheduled to be at a meet-and-greet with Katy
    from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at the Ruthe Jackson Center, 3113 S. Carrier Pkwy., Grand Prairie.
Thursday, October 5:
  • Texas OU rally fundraiser for Katy Hubener for State Representative District 106; free and all Dallas County candidates present will be introduced (4:30 to 6:30 PM, the Stoneleigh P., 2926 Maple, Dallas)
  • Celebrate Democratic candidate for Congress Will Pryor ringing his 10,000th doorbell in this campaign at a free Event, with snacks, drinks and live music, from 5 to 7 PM, at 10460 Heather Lane, Dallas 75229. For more information call 972-392-1135.
  • Dallas County Democratic Victory Fund reception for Criminal Judge nominees [and all Democratic candidates] (5:30 to 7:30 PM, Louie's, 1839 N. Henderson, Dallas)
  • Fundraiser "Merlot With Martin Hoffman" for Judge, 68th Civil District Court (6:30 to 8:30 PM, 4800 Victor St., Dallas; email to martin AT
Friday, October 6:
  • Scheduled televised debate for Governor between Democrat Chris Bell and three Republicans. The Texas Democratic Party is seeking people to host Road to Victory House Parties at their homes; find out more and sign up at this page.
Saturday, October 7:
  • Grand Prairie Democrats Breakfast at 8 AM, followed by our Adopt-A-Street clean up at 9 AM (Theos Grill, 107 N. W. 8th, Grand Prairie)
  • Precinct Walks in Dallas and suburbs; see details in article above.
  • Park Cities / Central Dallas Democrats (10:30 AM, Oak Lawn Branch, Dallas Public Library)
Sunday, October 8:
  • Precinct Walks in Dallas and suburbs; see details in article above.
  • October Bash entertainment and car show fundraiser for Mary Abeyta for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 1; come hear Socorro (who was invited to perform at the State Fair of Texas this year), and BG (Bentley Green) an up and coming rapper who is only 5 years old (and who is incredible to see) Everyone is invited. Bring a picnic, lawn chairs and have a good time! (2 to 5:30 PM, Glenn Heights Community Park, 400 East Bear Creek Road between Hampton Road and I-35, Glenn Heights)
Thursday, October 19:
  • Sheriff Lupe Valdez's 2nd Annual Taco Feast Fundraiser; cash bar and live music from the Ackermans (5:30 to 7:30 PM, IceHouse Banquet Hall, 1000 W. Page St. [or 1011 W. Brooklyn Ave., between Polk and Tyler], Dallas; $35 or higher sponsorship levels; RSVP to Amy at 214-942-2378 or email to amy AT
Saturday, October 21:
  • Dallas County Democratic Party's Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser (the party's big fundraising event of the year -- Food, Friends, and Fun; details later -- Mark your calendars now! Become a sponsor or buy a ticket now online at this page.
Monday, October 23 through Friday, November 3:
  • Early Voting for this years election (list of dates, times, and places here)
Saturday, October 28:
  • Lake Highlands/ White Rock Dems Annual Chili Supper (6:30 to 9:30 PM, DanceMasters, 10675 E. NW Hwy., Dallas; $10 admission)
Tuesday, November 7:
  • Election Day (polls open 7 AM to 7 PM, voting locations here; find your precinct here), followed by:
  • VICTORY PARTY after 7 PM, details later; this will be a HUGE celebration