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Monday, June 25, 2007


Local and State:

Dallas DA Looks to Build Legacy

A Fish Rots from the Head Texas legislative session
Perry's Veto Pen And The Damage Done

Cornyn: Extremist, Ineffective, Weak
Cornyn’s Continued Neglect Of Our Soldiers
(Coming here soon: three candidates are already looking at running against him next year.)

National and World:

The Saturday Cartoons

How the Right Wing Lost Control of Kansas

The Tears of a Clone Palast on Rove and vote-caging
Special Counsel Probe Into Rove’s Politicization
White House Subpoenas by John Conyers
Begging His Pardon Bill Moyers on Scooter Libby

U.S. attorneys saga: Q&A
'Attorneygate' fallout hits federal courtrooms
E-Mail Scandal Bigger Than Thought video

The General’s Report Seymour Hersh on Abu Ghraib
Daily Show from 'Mess O'Potamia' video
They'll Break the Bad News on 9/11 Frank Rich on the surge

Bush's Signing Statements Used to Nullify Laws GAO report
Imperial Presidency Declared Null and Void Sidney Blumenthal

Cheney Self-destructing?

A New Cheney-Gonzales Mystery Newsweek
The Vices of Cheney: Where Impeachment Must Begin
'overwhelmingly positive' response to move to defund the Veep

And the best quote of the week:
"It's hard to imagine how Dick Cheney could get more dastardly, unless J. K. Rowling has him knock off Harry Potter next month." --Maureen Dowd

Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Two Days For Early Voting For Runoff:

In Dallas, and in Cedar Hill, Garland, and Richardson, Monday June 11 and Tuesday June 12 are the last two days of Early Voting for Runoffs for Mayor or Council seats. Polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM both days. Find out which ones are up in your precinct, and where and when you can vote early or on election day (this Saturday, June 16) at the Dallas County Elections web site.

It's Getting Heated Out There....:

In the Dallas Mayor's race:

"Well, I've been wondering when the religious right assault would kick in. And it finally did today. ..."
--Heritage Alliance PAC Launches Robocalls in Dallas at Burnt Orange Report

And in the petition drive for a vote on the Trinity:

"But then on May 17 on KERA-FM (90.1), Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, who represents the district where the Trinity project will be built and who chairs the House water resources subcommittee, said it wasn't true"....
--Do Lies Come with that Shake? at the Dallas Observer

Hillary Clinton Here Friday:

One of the front-running Democratic Presidential candidates, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be in Dallas this Friday, June 15, for a reception and dinner at the Adams Mark Hotel, 400 N. Olive Street. Tickets start at $1000, and can be obtained on-line at this page. For more information call Yael Ouzillou at 512-440-8791 or email to youzillou AT

Speaker Nancy Pelosi In Dallas Next Monday:

"Please Join "The Gentle Woman From Texas" Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson For a Breakfast Reception Honoring Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday, June 18, 2007, from 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM, at The Adolphus Hotel, 1321 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Chair: $500; Friend: $250. To RSVP or for additional information, please contact Michael Thomas at (214) 871-9291 or email to pgroveson AT"

Candidate Profile: Eric Moyé:

"Democrat Eric V. Moyé has officially launched his campaign for the 14th Civil District Court. His web site,, is now live. Eric is a former civil district court judge. He was appointed by Gov. Ann Richards to the 101st Civil District Court, Dallas County, in 1993, and he presided over more than 1,000 cases. He has over 25 years of civil trial experience, and he is currently co-founder of Vincent & Moyé, P.C., a commercial litigation firm with offices in Dallas and Houston. His degrees are from SMU and Harvard Law School. Eric is a longtime Democrat and served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1992."

(Eric has a long list of endorsers including at least three former Dallas County Democratic Party Chairs. There are not as many offices up in 2008 as there were last year, but there are some, including a few incumbent Democratic Judges. They are already circulating petitions to get on next year's primary ballot. We'll try to profile all of them this year.)

Ken Molberg Interviewed:

The Texas Blue talks to Ken Molberg, "the most senior member of the State Democratic Executive Committee and a former Chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party":

"How did you get started in politics? Did you come to it in your youth or later on?"

"My first campaign was the Kennedy-Johnson campaign, when I was 8. I was in the Bumper Sticker Brigade. ..."

Read it all at On The Record: Ken Molberg.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Various local Democratic organizations made endorsements in the May primaries this year for Mayor, Councilmembers, or school board members. Some of their choices won outright, some made it into runoffs, and some just flat lost. I posted about their endorsements as I heard about them (here and here and here and here). Let me summarize for those Dallas races where there is a runoff that includes some candidate who was endorsed by one of those groups.

For District 3, Joseph Hernandez was endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats and the Young Democrats.

For District 5, Vonciel Jones Hill was endorsed by the Young Democrats and by PVL--A New Era.

For District 7, Donald R. Parish was endorsed by the Young Democrats.

And for Mayor, Ed Oakley was endorsed (for the runoff) by the Dallas County Democratic Party Executive Committee, the Stonewall Democrats, and the Young Democrats.