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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Help Us Hold The Primary!

The Dallas County Democratic Party still needs to hire a few more people to be Election Judges or Clerks for the primary on Tuesday, March 4. Based on Early Voting figures here, and reports from other states, turnout this year will be huge. If you can spare all or part of that day to help other good Democrats vote and choose our next President, please call the party office at 214-821-8331 and ask for Al. Thanks!

Have You Voted For Our Next President Yet?

If you've already voted early in the Texas Democratic Primary, you may have! (No, I don't know which one that is yet, but it's one of the two Democratic candidates we've got that are still running.) If you haven't yet, then Early Voting runs through this Friday, February 29, from 7 AM to 7 PM each day; locations are at this page. If you miss Early Voting your last chance will be on Tuesday, March 4, but on that day you will have to vote at your own neighborhood precinct polling place.

Don't forget that you need to come back to that local polling place that March 4 evening at 7:15 PM to take part in your Precinct Convention, which elects delegates on to the next level. NOTE: You should come back and sign in for your candidate even if you don't want to be a delegate to later conventions yourself, because some of our Texas delegates are based on sign-ins for candidates all the way down to the Precinct Convention level. Your Presidential candidate needs you!

Barack Obama Here Today & Ft. Worth Thursday;
Hillary Clinton Here & Ft. Worth Both Friday & Saturday

As we get closer to the possibly-decisive Texas Primary next Tuesday March 4, both Presidential candidates are visiting the DFW metroplex repeatedly. Here's the latest info we've got:
  • TODAY, Wednesday, February 27: Senator Barack Obama will be in the Dallas suburb of Duncanville this afternoon. The event is a "Stand for Change Town Hall" at Sandra Meadows Memorial Arena at Duncanville High School, 900 West Camp Wisdom Rd., Duncanville, TX 75116. Doors Open: 2:45 p.m. Program begins: 4:45 p.m. "The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. For security reasons, do not bring bags and limit personal items. No signs or banners are permitted." Read more here.
  • Thursday, February 28: Senator Barack Obama will be in Fort Worth for a "Stand for Change Rally" at the Fort Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102. "Gates Open: 6:00 p.m. Program Begins: 8:00 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, but an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is first-come, first-served."
  • Friday, February 29: Senator Hillary Clinton will be in Dallas and then in Fort Worth for fundraisers. NOTE: the Dallas event has been moved up to this new time shown here. Dallas begins with a pre-reception at 5: PM, followed by a general reception at 5:30 PM. These are both at the home of Debbie and Frank Branson, 6920 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas. Tickets begin at $250. Read more and contribute on line here. The Fort Worth event follows later that evening. Read more here.
  • Saturday, March 1: Senator Hillary Clinton will be at a "Solutions for America" Rally in Fort Worth at 11 AM. The event will be The Stockyards, 130 E. Exchange Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164 Read more here.

    Then Senator Clinton will come to Dallas for a "Solutions for America" Rally at 1:45 PM at Fair Park Coliseum, 1438 Coliseum Drive, Dallas, TX 75210. Read more here.
There always may be more late-breaking additions to their schedules by Tuesday. Keep watch for those and other events at their websites: Hillary Texas and at Obama Dallas.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Congresswoman Johnson Rally This Friday

Please join "The Gentlewoman From Texas", Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, at her 2008 Campaign Kickoff Rally, on Friday, February 29, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, at The Belmont Hotel Dallas, 901 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas TX 75208. Suggested donation levels: $10, $25, $50, $100. Please make checks payable to Eddie Bernice Johnson for Congress. RSVP to 214-871-9291 or by email to ebj AT ebj08 DOT com.

Bill Clinton Here Tuesday, Hillary Clinton Friday

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Dallas this Tuesday, for a mid-day Early Voting rally at Mountain View Community College. Senator Hillary Clinton will be here for a reception and fundraiser this Friday. Details:

Tuesday, February 26:
  • President Bill Clinton Early Vote Rally (11:45 AM - 2:00 PM, Mountain View Community College - East Patio, 4849
    West Illinois Ave.
    , Dallas 75211; RSVP here.)

Friday, February 29:
  • Reception with Senator Hillary Clinton Tickets from $250 (limited number) to $2300. Sign up or contribute on line at this page. For more information contact Yael Ouzillou by email to youzillou AT hillaryclinton DOT com. (7 PM: VIP reception, 7:30 PM: general reception, at the home of Frank and Debbie Branson, 6920 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas)

Early Voting Continues This Week

Early Voting for this year's Democratic Primary runs through this Friday, February 29, from 7 AM to 7 PM each day; locations are at this page. If you miss Early Voting your last chance will be on Tuesday, March 4, but on that day you will have to vote at your own neighborhood precinct polling place.

And don't forget that you need to come back to that local polling place that March 4 evening at 7:15 PM to take part in your Precinct Convention, which elects delegates on to the next level. Your Presidential candidate needs you!

Candidate Profile: Diana Lackey For Tax Assessor-Collector

With over 24 years of public and private property tax experience, Diana Lackey understands the taxpayers’ plight and county challenges. Diana will represent taxpayers; bringing trust, confidence, and quality service to the tax office. As Assistant Assessor, Diana has a proven track record; making a large department (of 240+ employees) in a large county (among the top five) one of the state’s best. She authored and/or implemented:
  • Conflict of Interest Policies – creating a department beyond reproach;
  • New computer systems – improving efficiency, quality, and responsiveness;
  • Comprehensive Performance Management – creating quantitative measurement and improvement;
  • Annual Reports – publicly available details of department operations and financials;
  • Strategic Partnerships – state and local partnerships, increasing efficiency, lowering costs.
Diana Lackey is endorsed by the Dallas AFL-CIO, Dallas County Young Democrats, Stonewall Democrats, PVL-New Era; by Democratic leaders, including Hon. Rafael Anchia, Hon. Terri Hodge, Hon. Larry Duncan, Hon. Harryette Ehrhardt, Hon. Gary Fitzsimmons, Hon. Joe Wells, Hon. Susan Culp, Hon. Dr. Theresa Daniel. Diana Lackey, a lifelong Democrat, will serve the public’s interest as your County Tax Assessor-Collector. As your 2004 Democratic Nominee for Tax Assessor-Collector, Diana received over 48% of the votes. Please visit for more information.


It's Monday, and exactly one week and one day before the all-important March primary. This week's round-up is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

TXsharon has a broken modem so Bluedaze is suffering but she managed to post about The RRC's approval of Atmos Energy's extravagant spending--bendover Texans. Also read about how Phil King meets Karma in Wise County and hear the horrendous sounds of the Barnett Shale.

Off the Kuff offers his incomplete list of endorsements for the Democratic primaries, and for his birthday rounds up his complete list of candidate interviews.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News has blogged an eventful week or two climaxing with Paul Burka becoming a believer in the Obama Borg - Democrats can take back Texas. Wow.

Over at McBlogger Mayor McSleaze commemorates Kirk Watson's Deer In The Headlights Moment while McBlogger, beverage in hand, watches the Debate and puts the smackdown on wingnuts still drinking the school voucher Kool-Aid

The Texas Cloverleaf makes it back safely from Oklahoma City and discusses the National Stonewall Democrats meeting there, as well as the upcoming LGBT Presidential Town Hall in Dallas on Monday night.

PDiddie at Brains and Eggs had a report on Obama's visit to Houston last Tuesday, and also noted the end of the Fidel Castro era in Cuba. Open Source Dem had part three of his "Texas in Play" series, entitled "Jim Crow Lives".

Hal, who writes Half Empty, went to early vote last Wednesday and has some poll observations and some Fort Bend County stats.

Bill Howell of StoutDemBlog reminds us of some Texas election history that is relevant for this year's Democratic Primary, in Don't Be Confused By Names.

Muse was at the Bill Clinton fundraiser in Houston this week where she fulfilled a lifelong dream to touch him – handshake! She notes that not all college students are for Obama – witness the Daily Texan endorsement for Hillary. And, she receives an email where Obama encourages Republicans to crash the Democratic primary, to vote against the bad, scary Hillary. More Hillary stuff coming this week on musings!

WhosPlayin tries to explain the "Obama Movement", and has a run-down of which Texas blogs are endorsing Clinton or Obama.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that the Texas Democratic Party has instructed county and precinct officials not to interpret election results for the media or political campaigns, and asks if national Democrats will still respect us (or call or visit) after March 4.

Help Your Candidates!

First, remember that the Presidential campaigns are not the only ones contesting this primary. A list of state and local primary candidates is at this page, with contact information and links to web sites. Several have primary contests, and would love to have your help.

The big focus the last three weeks has been on the first real contested Presidential primary in Texas since 1988. Polls say many Democrats are still undecided here, and both sides are canvassing voters by phone and by foot. Phone banks are running every day, and there are lots of other jobs that need doing. If you've made up your mind, call or email your choice's local office and volunteer to help.

The Hillary Clinton campaign can be reached at:
801 Fletcher St., Dallas, TX 75223
Volunteer Coordinator: Jeremy Kennedy
Email to jkennedy AT hillaryclinton DOT com
Texas website

The Barack Obama campaign can be reached at:
1409 South Lamar St., Dallas TX
Email: dallasvolunteers AT gmail DOT com
Dallas website

It will probably be at least eight more years before we get to have this much fun in a Presidential primary and make a difference to America's future. Don't miss your chance!

Precinct Convention How To

Voting in the primary is not enough! Only part of the Texas delegates to the national convention are chosen based on those results. The rest are decided by attendance at conventions, beginning with the Precinct Conventions. These are held in each local voting location on the evening of Tuesday, March 4, following that day's primary voting. (You can find your precinct's polling place here.) These are scheduled to begin at 7:15 PM. However, if people are still voting, the convention doesn't start until they are finished -- because those people standing in line also have a right to vote first, so that they too can take part in the convention.

If you are one of the record-breaking numbers of new primary voters this year, the Precinct Convention basically works like this: you all sign in by Presidential preference, then figure what percentage of that precinct's delegates go to each candidate, then caucus by candidate and elect your delegates to the district conventions March 29. You can also adopt Resolutions on issues. As for the other fine points of process to be followed, we've got lots of help for you. The Dallas County Democratic Party is holding training sessions:
  • Tuesday, February 26, 6:00 PM, Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Hall, 3629 W. Miller Rd., Garland, TX 75041.
  • Wednesday, February 27, 6:00 PM, Communications Workers of America Hall, 1408 N. Washington Ave., Dallas, TX.
  • Saturday, March 1, 1:00 PM, Central Jury Room - Frank Crowley Courthouse, 133 N. Industrial Blvd., Dallas, TX.
Both Presidential campaigns have also been holding training sessions of their own for their supporters, and have more scheduled; check with your favorite (see contact info here) for more opportunities.

The Texas Democratic Party also has some very useful pdfs you can view on line and print out and take with you:
ABC's of running a Precinct Convention
E-Z Math Precinct Delegate Formula
How to make a Motion/Convention at a glance
How to be a Delegate to the National Convention

Monday, February 18, 2008

Follow The Money?

It's getting hot in here. In our four-way contest for the Democratic nomination for Dallas County Tax Assessor Collector, our 2004 nominee, Diana Lackey, has just issued a press release about the campaign finances of probably her leading opponent. Some of our local governments are notorious for "contracting out" tax collection by getting some favored law firm to send out past due letters -- and collect a hefty fee for this almost costless intimidation. It's a favors to the good old boys system. If this is also how the county has been acting, it would not be surprising that such contractors would be interested in who wins this race. Of course, they could be acting solely out of good citizenship, after long and objective analysis of which candidate would most unselfishly serve the general public good. How wonderful if that is true. Ms. Lackey's release:
As of the most recent filing of the candidates' campaign finance reports, one opponent, Mr. Ames, has accepted funds from a special interest, third party. Well over half of the campaign contributions accepted by him come from one vendor, and its staff, who contracts with the County to collect the delinquent taxes.

Who contributes to a campaign is of public interest. In an online questionnaire, the Dallas Morning News asked candidates to list their top three contributors. Mr. Ames failed to list his top two contributors, from the vendor, who gave thousands of dollars of 'in kind' contribution to his campaign. Why not?

"It is unfortunate that a candidate would fail to respond accurately to the newspaper's questionnaire on such a sensitive topic," stated Diana Lackey. "For elected officials, or a government office, it is essential that there not be even the appearance of a conflict of interest. I would not accept campaign funds from a vendor dealing directly with the Tax Office. As your Assessor-Collector, I would insure that there were departmental policies in place to prevent the acceptance of gifts. This is similar to the conflict of interest policies I previously established as a county Assistant Assessor managing a department of over 240 employees. I wanted an office above reproach."

Come To Your Senses, Folks

A very good thing about the polling so far is that overwhelming numbers of the supporters of both Clinton and Obama indicate they would also be happy if the party winds up nominating the other candidate. This contrasts with a lot more of the "rule or ruin" types over on the Republican side saying they will sit on their hands, or vote third party, or in extreme cases (like Ann Coulter) even claiming they will vote for Democrats instead if their own favored nominee doesn't win.

Unfortunately, we also have a few of these kind of cut off your nose to spite your face types over here. Not surprisingly, many of them are doing this ranting on the web. Long ago we noticed that folks are more willing to talk nasty by email or on blogs than they would be to engage in such rudeness in person. This is just another example. A good rule of thumb is not to post any criticism you wouldn't say to the target's face. (Okay, I'll make an exception for reviewers of books and movies and such, but even there the focus should be on the product, not the artist.)

Predictably, some of the loudest "my way or else" folks turn out to be the kind that either never vote (out of "purity"), or supported Nader in 2000 (or worse, even in 2004), or otherwise denounce the Democratic Party more often that they attack the Republicans. These ranters can and should be discounted. They are not our friends just because we may agree with them on some issues.

Unfortunately, some of the poison they spew has spread to otherwise level heads. One hopes they will get over this childishness that only plays into Republican hands, and come home this fall whomever we nominate. Clinton and Obama are not very far apart on anything -- compared to McCain and the other Republicans. My rule of thumb: when any otherwise sensible Democrat says they'll not vote for either of our candidates if the other wins, stop listening to them and ignore their silliness. Either their better natures will bring them back to their senses or not. Your job is not to be their therapist.

The old saying was that Democrats are like cats: you hear them fighting all night, but the next day there are only more cats around. A good clean fight over issues and visions can only help us. Look how huge the turnout has been in our primaries compared to the Republicans. Contest strongly, but remember the bottom line: we need to unite in November to remove the greatest political threat to the peace, prosperity, and freedom of the American people in our history.

Dolores Huerta in Dallas Tuesday For Clinton

Bringing back memories of Cesar Chavez, United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta will be in Dallas Tuesday, February 18, for a first day of Early Voting rally, at Gwauwyler Park, 7780 Harry Hines Blvd., followed by leading voters to the nearest Early Voting place. It's scheduled for 11:30 AM. (Then she goes to Fort Worth to do the same thing there.) You can RSVP for the event to this page, but frankly people should just show up. It's a public park, after all.

I have a feeling we're going to see daily updates about a lot of people coming through this area. Bill Clinton has been travelling around the state for days (apparently he spoke to a group of ministers or something in the Richarson area, which we only found out about afterwards), and Edward Kennedy is scheduled to speak in several places in south Texas for Obama. Isn't it great to have a primary that really matters for a change?

New Presidential Campaign HQs In Dallas

Both sides have been opening offices here over this weekend. Rumor has it there may be some other branches opening later in Dallas County in addition. For now:

Dallas Headquarters
801 Fletcher St.
Dallas, TX 75223
Volunteer Coordinator: Jeremy Kennedy
Email: jkennedy AT hillaryclinton DOT com
Website for Texas

(Yes, that headquarters is right across the street from the Dallas County Democratic Party office. If she wins, that might be handy come fall. I think this is one more sign of the Mattox family backing Hillary -- they own the building. And of course, former Dallas Congressman Jim Mattox announced his support for her today. --Bill)

Barack Obama
Dallas Headquarters
1409 South Lamar St.
Dallas, TX
Informations and Volunteers Email: dallasvolunteers AT gmail DOT com
Website for Dallas

(This headquarters is at Southside on Lamar, just south of downtown, where both campaigns were having events this past weekend.)

Obama Rally Wednesday UPDATE

Here's the latest:

Join Barack Obama for a special Stand for Change Rally in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, February 20th. The event will be free and open to the public.
Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama

Reunion Arena
777 Sports Street
Dallas, TX

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Doors Open: 10:30 a.m.
Program Begins: 12:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, however an RSVP is strongly encouraged. Admission is on a first come, first-served basis.

For security reasons, do not bring bags. No signs or banners permitted. Please limit personal items.

[This is taken from their website here. Thanks to Tarrant County's Annatopia for passing this on.

I note in passing that not allowing signs or banners is probably not the best way to stage a rally. Hope they'll have their own to pass out inside.]

Candidate Profiles: Lupe Valdez For Sheriff

"Since taking office in 2005, Sheriff Lupe Valdez has led an aggressive effort to fix a Department and Jail that suffered after decades of neglect by her Republican predecessors. Sheriff Valdez has overhauled procedures at the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, ending sweetheart contracts that shortchanged taxpayers, and bringing jail staffing levels up to legally required minimums. She has also expanded traffic control and public safety programs and led an unprecedented effort to correct longstanding problems within the Dallas County Jail.

A lifelong Democrat, Lupe Valdez has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. Before retiring to run for Sheriff in 2004, Lupe Valdez was a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security. Sheriff Valdez has a masters degree in criminology from the University of Texas at Arlington, and served as a tank commander in the United States Army with the rank of captain.

Sheriff Valdez is running for re-election to complete her reforms of the Dallas County Sheriff Department and Jail. Over 100 Democratic officeholders, leaders and precinct chairs have endorsed Sheriff Valdez. These endorsers recognize that she alone has the experience, integrity and leadership skills needed to complete this important work. Learn more at"

Candidate Profiles: Don Adams For Judge

"Don Adams is running for re-election for Judge of Criminal District Court #2 after in 2004 becoming the first democratic elected judge of a criminal court in Dallas County since 1992. Don Adams has a long Democratic history. In the past, Don Adams has served as a precinct chair, been a delegate to senatorial and state Democratic conventions, is a sustaining member of the state and Dallas County Democratic Parties, and served on various Democratic Party committees. Don Adams' re-election has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, Teamsters Local 745, the Mesquite Bar Assn., the Dallas Black Criminal Bar Assn., the Progressive Voters League -New Era, the Dallas Police Assn.

According to the Dallas Morning News endorsement, Judge Don Adams "is regarded as a hardworking, reasonable, and fair judge. The later quality might be why prosecutors and defense attorneys alike praise him." There has been no scandal or allegations of corruption, abuse or favoritism while Don Adams has been serving the people of Dallas County. More information on Judge Don Adams can be found at"

Debate Watch Parties

The Texas Democratic Party is having a debate watch party Thursday evening in Austin (see this page for details). But, if you're staying here Thursday night you can join other Democrats in one of several local watch parties.

Thursday, February 21:
  • Democratic Presidential Debate At the University of Texas at Austin, carried on TV on CNN and Univision at 7 PM [but the watch parties listed below start earlier].
  • Drinking Liberally Addison Feb. meeting will be a debate watching party! (6 PM, The Quarter, 15201 Addison Rd, Addison)
  • Clinton Texas Debate Watch Party Hosts: Judge Barbara Rosenberg, Greg Albright and Jesse Garcia (6:30 PM, Metro Grill, 4425 N. Central Expwy, Dallas)
  • Obama Debate Watch Party Contact 972-572-2303. (6:30 PM, Clipso Sports Grill, 7303 S Westmoreland, Dallas)
  • Generation Obama Debate Watch Party A young professionals volunteer organization and an official arm of the campaign. Register online here. (6:30 PM, Iron Cactus, 1520 Main St., Dallas)

Last Chance For Debate Ticket Contest

Today (Monday) at 5 PM is the deadline for submitting your entry for some of the 100 tickets to the Presidential debate this Thursday in Austin which will be distributed in a random drawing by the Texas Democratic Party. To read more or to enter, see this page.

Barack Obama In Dallas Wednesday

Senator Barack Obama is currently scheduled to be here in Dallas for a mid-day "Town Hall" meeting this Wednesday, February 20. For information on the time, location and ticket availability, check the local campaign website at You can also email them for more information to dallasvolunteers AT gmail DOT com.

Early Voting Begins This Week

Tuesday, February 19, is the first day of Early Voting for this year's Democratic Primary. It runs through Friday, February 29. You can find the hours and locations at this page. If you miss Early Voting your last chance will be on Tuesday, March 4, but on that day you will have to vote at your own nieghborhood precinct polling place.

And don't forget that you need to come back to that local polling place that March 4 evening at 7:15 PM to take part in your Precinct Convention, which elects delegates on to the next level. Your Presidential candidate needs you!

Don't Be Confused By Names

Texas voters have a tradition of often voting for candidates with familiar-sounding names, whether or not they are qualified. This year there are three primary contests where this could be a factor.

For years our state Treasurer was Jesse James, no doubt because it amused people to think of the bank robber watching their money. He was followed by Warren G. Harding, sharing the name of a Republican President who presided over a notably corrupt administration -- and that Texas Treasurer was himself later indicted for official misconduct. In 1976 we elected a Supreme Court Justice with a name similar to a former U.S. Senator and a candidate for Governor -- and later that judge (called "the wrong Don Yarbrough") went to federal prison for bribery.

For two decades now many voters in the Democratic primary have been casting ballots for Gene Kelly for various statewide offices. We can be very certain that this is only because of his sharing the name of the late movie star and dancer, because this Texas Gene Kelly has never done one thing to campaign in his entire career. He spends no money, does no mailings, has no literature, and avoids even answering questions from the press -- once telling a reporter to leave a message in a potted plant outside his door. Despite this he told one person in 2000 that Al Gore needed him on the ticket to help Gore win in Texas. Kelly did win our nomination for U.S. Senate that year, declined to emerge from his home to seek votes, and ran way behind the rest of the statewide ticket. This dragged down the vote for candidates lower on the ballot, and helped cost us a victory in our one judicial race here in Dallas County. Two years ago he forced Barbara Radnofsky into a runoff for Senator, causing her to spend money she needed for the general election against the Republican.

This year Gene Kelly is running for the U.S. Senate again. He has three primary opponents. (You can find them, and links to their websites, by scrolling down to the bottom at this page. Kelly, of course, has no site.) Neither the Texas Democratic Party nor the Dallas County Democratic Party makes endorsements in these primary contests. We do think you should be aware of Kelly's history, and not cast a ballot just because of a familiar name.

Another candidate in a statewide primary contest has to hope that Democratic voter disaffection with Kelly's campaign performance doesn't sour them on other familiar names, because he has an even better-known one. Do not discount Sam Houston for someone else simply running on a misidentification. He is actually well-qualified, widely endorsed by the media and Democratic organizations, and actively campaigning across the state. He too has a primary opponent, listed on that same candidate page.

Finally, there is one local race for Judge where this year's Presidential contest may lead to confusion. Across the country primaries have been bringing out record numbers of new Democratic voters for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One of our incumbent Democratic Judges, Don Adams, first elected four years ago, is being challenged in the primary by Larry W. Baraka (who has no web site). Considering that Texas voters once seemed to mistake "Yarbrough" for "Yarborough", it is quite possible that similar names could mislead newcomers to the primary this time. Again, make sure you check out the candidates and make an informed vote.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's Monday [yeah, yeah, I'm posting early -- it'll be a busy day tomorrow], and that means it is time again for the Texas Progressive Alliance's weekly blog round-up. This week's round-up is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

Burnt Orange Report is covering all kinds of races this week. In addition to their notable endorsement of Obama and analysis of how he can win and his Presidential primary poll numbers, Matt Glazer has reported that State Rep. Kino Flores has some ethics violation troubles, beyond the $50,000 he received from Craddick supporters.

Eye On Williamson has two posts on the upcoming Presidential Primary in Texas, Why I'm For Barack Obama and Barack can seal the deal in Williamson County. And locally, The Silly Season Is Upon Us - The WCGOP Machine Makes It's Choice.

TXsharon at Bluedaze, while not a football fan, reports on illegal gifts of SuperBowl tickets to Phil King and Michael Williams. Considering that the most recent pipeline explosion sent flames 600 -700 feet into the air, we need Railroad Commissioners without conflicts making decisions that will keep Texans safe.

WhosPlayin of endorsed Obama for President and Aimlessness thinks Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia needs to go back to law school and get a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution. Talk about your "tortured" logic.

Musings endorses Hillary Clinton for President,citing her toughness, service, compassion, ability to work across the aisle and her solutions-oriented approach to governing as reasons why she is the choice for a new direction in Washington.

The Texas Cloverleaf digs up a report by the GAO that toll road public-private partnerships might not be the best thing for taxpayers. While at the same time, a new state rail system venture is brought back into the public spotlight in Texas.

The Texas Cloverleaf gets its hide chapped when the Dallas Morning News endorses the primary opponent of Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez. The endorsement is destroyed in typical Cloverleaf fashion.

CouldBeTrue at South Texas Chisme wonders if James Leininger is giving up the fight for school vouchers, i.e. destroying public schools in favor a theocratic education. In any case, Leininger is distancing himself from Tom Craddick.

Off the Kuff looks at the yard sign primary in his neighborhood.

Team McBlogger has decided to swim against the tide and endorse Senator Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Primary. Then they compounded the good decision making with a trip to the opening of her Texas HQ in Austin to see Bill Clinton. You know, the guy who's married to the candidate. Apparently, a couple of thousand people also had the same idea.

At Half Empty, with Edwards gone, Hal has thrown his support to Barack Obama. And, after a day of seething anger, Hal at Half Empty asks this question of the Republican Party of Texas, who are acting as surrogates for the John Cornyn senatorial campaign: Are you sure you want a dog in this hunt?

After much soul searching, thought and input from great bloggers across the nation, Refinish69 has decided to endorse Obama for President in 2008.

Open Source Dem at Brains and Eggs has part two of "Texas in Play."

BossKittyat BlueBloggin shows us that voting is still a major problem in this country considering Washington DC Has 10,000 Mystery Voters.

Jaye at Winding Road in Urban Area endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

John Coby's mom is for Hillary Clinton. "I can't remember when our country was in such a horrible situation considering the war in Iraq, our debt, our status in the world. My country is in trouble and I believe Hillary Clinton can begin to solve the problems beginning on day one."

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that Marissa Marquez in House District 77 has been trashing bloggers, and endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

Heath Harris For Judge

As I write this, Heath Harris, a candidate in the Democratic Primary for Criminal District Judge, Court No. 3, does not yet have a web site to link to on my sidebar. To have something to point to, I'm posting links to some information here.

First, this is his current contact information:

Heath Harris
8611 Quicksilver
Dallas, TX 75249
phone: 972-741-4997
e-mail: h2law AT sbcglobal DOT net

Next, this is a link to an old on-line biography of his, when he ran for Judge in 2002. (He lost that year, as only one of our candidates managed to overcome the Republican tide.)

Finally, here is a link to the Dallas Morning News endorsement of him in this year's primary. Note that it contains the most important update of his biography: "Mr. Harris, 41, is the chief prosecutor for the Dallas County district attorney's office." Their enthusiasm for him this time is rather constrained (they may be setting themselves up to support a Republican this fall no matter which one we nominate), but they praise him over both of his primary opponents.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Convention Schedule

Tuesday, March 4:
  • Texas Democratic Primary (7 AM to 7 PM, at precincts across the county)
  • Democratic Precinct Conventions (7:15 PM, at local precinct polling places)
Saturday, March 29:
  • Senatorial District Conventions in each state Senate district in Dallas County. To volunteer to help or to be on a committee, contact your district's Temporary Chair -- for a list see this page. (Starting times and places will be announced later.)
Friday, June 6 through Sunday, June 8:
  • Texas Democratic Party State Convention (Austin)
Monday, August 25 through Thursday, August 28:
  • Democratic National Convention (Denver)

Primary Voting Begins Next Tuesday

Schedules and Locations

Early Voting begins next Tuesday, February 19, and runs through Friday, February 29. You can find a list of times and places at this page. If you don't vote early, the Primary Election day is Tuesday, March 4. If you wait until then, you will have to vote in your own neighborhood precinct. You can find which precinct you are registered in online at this page.

Local Presidential Campaign Events

Friday, February 15:
  • Obama campaign opens Dallas office this afternoon, at 1409
    S. Lamar, Suite 011.
    This is the Southside on Lamar building.
  • Fun For a Change Come mix and mingle with fellow Obama supporters. (6:30 PM, Tijuana Bar & Grill, 4900 McKinney Ave., Dallas)
  • Obama Meet & Greet Session (6:30 PM each Friday, Clipso Sports Grill, 7307 South Westmoreland, Dallas)
  • Obama Meet & Greet Session (6:30 PM each Friday, Lady Di's Restaurant, 332 E. Camp Wisdom, Duncanville)
Saturday, February 16:
  • Hillary Clinton For President Community Meeting The campaign and the election process will be explained. All Hillary supporters are welcome. Bring your friends. Contact Barbara Rosenberg by email to berosenberg AT sbcglobal DOT net or to Kathy Nealy to kathy_nealy AT msn DOT com. (Two sessions: 10 AM to Noon, and 2 PM to 4 PM, at The Gallery Room, Southside On Lamar, 1409 S. Lamar, Dallas.
  • Obama Meet & Greet Session (6 PM, White Rhino, 230 W. Belt Line Rd, Cedar Hill)
Sunday, February 17:

UPDATE 2: Today a phone call from someone following up on that woman's unanswered emails, and also this blog post, indicate that this Sunday rally is still on for Fair Park -- but at the Hall of State (just a few hundred yards at most from the orginally-scheduled museum. Frankly, there is a lot of chaos going on, and it's because the campaign is just sending in its people from other states, and they are swamped by the huge interest. I gather the unexpected surge of voters is hitting both campaigns. It's a wonderful problem to have.

UPDATE: I've been told by phone by someone else that this rally has been cancelled. I have not received a response to my email to the address listed.
  • Rally for Barack Obama supporters (Weather Permitting) Bring your "home made" signs and your enthusiasm! Enjoy music and entertainment. Contact Molly Hanchey by email to molly AT obamadallas DOT com. (3 to 5 PM, outside the African-American Museum in Fair Park, Dallas)
Monday, February 18:

UPDATE: I've also been told by phone by that this parade will not be held.
  • President's Day Parade and Obama Rally (ending at Fair Park; arrangements pending; for details call Eli Davis 214-374-7345)
Wednesday, February 20:
  • Obama Meet and Greet Contact Adrian Mccoy 972-224-7231. (6:30 PM, Roma's Italian Restaurant, 201 W. Pleasant Run Rd., Lancaster)

Thursday, February 21:
    Democratic Presidential Debate See link and details for tickets in article below this one. (The University of Texas at Austin; shown on CNN and Univision)
Saturday, February 23:
    Clinton organizing / fundraising meeting For more information sign up at this page. (7 PM, 828 Wilkinson Dr., Mesquite)
Friday, February 29:
    Reception with Senator Hillary Clinton Tickets from $250 (limited number) to $2300. Sign up or contribute on line at this page. For more information contact Yael Ouzillou by email to youzillou AT hillaryclinton DOT com. (7 PM: VIP reception, 7:30 PM: general reception, at the home of Frank and Debbie Branson, 6920 Turtle Creek Blvd., Dallas)

Presidential Debate In Austin Feb. 21

Sign Up for the Debate Ticket Drawing

Senators Clinton and Obama will hold a Presidential Debate this Thursday evening, February 21, at the University of Texas at Austin. Seating there is limited, but the Texas Democratic Party has secured 100 debate tickets, which will be made available to the general public through a random drawing. The tickets will be evenly distributed between supporters of Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, with a number of tickets going to undecided voters.

In order to be eligible for tickets, you must be a registered voter in the State of Texas. Names may be submitted for the drawing until 5pm on Monday, February 18th, and the winners will be notified the next morning. To enter your name in the drawing, see this page.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Watching The Web 080211

Texas Primary Information

In Presidential Race, Winning The Texas Vote Will Be Difficult And Costly (But Worth It)

How Does the Texas Primary Work? from Lone Star Project (scroll down)

Everything You Need To Know About the Texas Delegate Process, Part 1

Everything You Need To Know About the Texas Delegate Process, Part 2

There is No Such Thing as the Texas Primary Part I

There is No Such Thing as the Texas Primary Part II: Delegate Predictions
(This last one is done by an optimistic Obama supporter, but has demographics and maps worth looking at whomever you are for.)

Finally, once again, the single best source to learn about how the process works is at the Texas Democratic Party's Convention Page at this site, which includes links to useful things like a printable pdf on how to become a delegate.

Presidential Campaign Contacts

No, they don't have offices open in Dallas yet (though there are rumors they may be coming soon -- if so we'll list them here). You can get in touch with them through their web sites:

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Mike Gravel

(Yes, Gravel is still in the race, although he is not on the Texas primary ballot.)

We've also been given these local phone numbers for people who want to volunteer:


Molly Hanchey 214-533-2073

Claudia Fowler 214-607-6461


Deb Floyd 972-690-8971

Doug Haloftis - DONATIONS ONLY! 214-999-4670


It's Monday, and that means it is time once again for the Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Blog Round-Up. This week's round-up, compiled by TXsharon from Bluedaze.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News urges Texans to NOT give to veterans by mail. At least not without some investigation. Read about the fake veteran's charities scam supported by Republicans in Cheating Charitable Givers and Veterans.

Mayor McSleaze at McBlogger takes some time out of his busy schedule to ask a few important questions of Michael Moore and our friends at MoveOn.Org.

What is Congress to do?! The Texas Cloverleaf looks at how the Bush administration continues to ignore the US House and hurt Texas, in it's blatant disregard of the Congressional order to end the DOT's plan for Mexican trucks in America.

Plastic bags are now extinct in Ireland. TXsharon at Bluedaze wants to know why the U.S. can't do the same.

How much was the Katy Freeway expansion in Houston supposed to cost? Off the Kuff digs through some story archives to show that what TxDOT is saying now about initial cost estimates is not what it was saying then.

Open Source Dem at Brains and Eggs comments on the possibility of brokered conventions in both Austin and Denver this summer, and how the March 4 primary in Texas will clarify -- or muddy -- the outlook.

CouldBeTrue at South Texas Chisme cautions reasonable people to be wary about arguing over that d*mn fence! Republicans are building a monument to racism and fear not trying to solve any problems with a coherent policy.

Hal has a a couple of postings this week at Half Empty, this one is the main event, a new theory on whether there is a new canary about to sing to the Feds about Tom DeLay's past indiscretions, and this one is about some motivation for that.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has this wrap up from last week's hearings on TxDOT at the capitol, Without Williamson, TxDOT Becomes Scapegoat.

Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange Report has done an exhaustively comprehensive analysis of how Texas hybrid primary/caucus system works, as well as looked at some of the politics of each of Texas' 31 Senate Districts that will award delegates on March 4. Read the two-part series here: Part 1 (caucus explanation) and Part 2 (delegate analysis).

BossKitty at BlueBloggin looks into Customs:
“Hand Over That Cell Phone, iPod & Laptop”
and just how intrusive the government has become putting travelers and their company's private information at risk.

As we get ever nearer to the most important Texas primary in recent memory, The Texas Blue thinks potential prognosticators should keep five things in mind when it comes to making predictions.

In addition to a ton of Texas presidential race coverage, Vince at Capitol Annex reveals that State Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) has taken an illegal contribution from an energy lobbyist.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Watching The Web 080205

Brian Thompson For State Representative

(This piece about Brian Thompson comes from refinish69, an Austin blogger with Doing My Part For The Left.)

Travis County is the bluest county in Texas and on March 4th, voters have a chance to make it a TRUE BLUE Delegation in the Texas Legislature. Brian Thompson is running against Dawwna Dukes for District 46. Brian has received every major endorsement in the Travis County area and for good reason. He cares about the district and is willing to vote for the people of Texas instead of supporting Tom Craddick and his minions who have thrown children of SCHIP, stolen women's rights away each legislative session, sold out Texas land owners for the Trans Texas Corridor, and were instrumental in writing legalized discrimination into the Texas Constitution.

Brian Thompson has been endorsed by the Texas Progressive Alliance. He has also been endorsed by:

Austin Progressive Coalition
University Democrats
Victory Fund
Central Austin Democrats
Texas Environmental Democrats
Southwest Austin Democrats
Capital Area Progressive Democrats
Teamsters Local 657
Capital Area Asian American Democrats
Austin Stonewall Democrats
South Austin Democrats
Austin Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus

Brain has also been endorsed by Lon Burnam of House District 80. Burnam is the only Democrat in the House who has voted against Craddick from the beginning. It is time we had more strong Democrats in the Texas Legislature who are not afraid to speak out against the autocratic rule of Tom Craddick and the devastation which is being wrought on Texas and our quality of life. The time has come to hold our elected officials accountable for their action and non-action when it comes to taking care of their districts and the rest of Texas.

Brian is willing to work to make the quality of life better for all Texans and not just a select few. Teachers and students alike will have a strong advocate in the Ledge once Brian is elected. Women and children will not have to worry about their rights being stolen from them by the privileged who can buy their way out of any problem and are willing to let the rest of Texas suffer. Our retired teachers will not see Brian vote against a raise in their pension. Brian will be at the forefront leading the charge for changes and fighting injustice as an elected officials should be instead of skipping votes or voting the right way but not speaking out. It is time for strong leadership in the Travis County Legislative Delegation. Brian will be a welcome addition to some of the already strong voices for Texas and Travis County!!!

(And this piece about his opponent in this race comes from Vince of Capitol Annex.)

You've heard time and time again why Dawnna Dukes is wrong for her district. However, much of that has centered around her absenteeism, campaign finance reports, and "Vegas Vacation."

But, what about her voting record? Dukes apologists claim that her voting record is in line with her district. But, it isn't. Here are a large number of reasons you should support TexRoots candidate Brian Thompson in the House District 46 race.

Dawnna Dukes has voted against renewable energy. Dukes voted against requiring that a certain portion of money from Governor Perry's slush funds, (aka the Texas Enterprise Fund and Texas Emerging Technology Fund) be required to be spent on companies that develop renewable energy technologies. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 8, Record Vote 220, House Journal, p. 1275, & House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 12, Record Vote 221, House Journal, p. 1277.]

Dawnna Dukes has voted against Texas children. Dawnna Dukes thought that making sure Governor Perry could give corporate welfare to his campaign contributors was more important than at-risk youth. She voted against taking money from the Emerging Technology Fund to fund programs for at-risk youth prevention with the Department of Family and Protective Services, and voted against additional funding for the same program in another instance on the same day. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 18, Record Vote 223, House Journal, p. 1283 & House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 21, Record Vote 226, House Journal, p. 1278].

Dawnna Dukes voted against HIV/AIDS Prevention. Dawnna Dukes betrayed hundreds of thousands of Texans who need to be educated about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 29, Record Vote 228, House Journal, p. 1291.]

Dawnna Dukes Voted Against Quality Schools & College Students. Dawnna Dukes thought it was more important for the Office of State Federal Relations' budget to have enough money to hire Washington lobbyists than to put more money in the Teach for Texas Loan Repayment Program, which serves to recruit and retain quality public school teachers and help college graduates who are over-burdened with student loans. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 76, Record Vote 236, House Journal, p. 1324]

Dwanna Dukes Voted Against Halting Public Corruption. Dukes didn't believe it was important to fund the Public Integrity Unit of the Travis County DA's office (which prosecutes public officials) at higher levels. She thought courthouse preservation was more important. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 84, Record Vote 240, House Journal, p. 1331.]

Dawnna Dukes Voted Against Clean Air. Dawnna Dukes voted against additional funding for the Texas Emission Reduction Plan grants. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 98, Record Vote 242, House Journal, p. 1345.]

Dawnna Dukes Voted For State Funding For Washington Lobbyists. Dawnna Dukes voted against restrictions that would have prevented state funding being used for hiring Washington Lobbyists. [House Bill 1, 80th Legislature, Amendment 132, Record Vote 246, House Journal, p. 1363.]

Dawnna Dukes Voted Against Restoring CHIP To Pre-2003 Levels. Dawnna Dukes voted against restoring CHIP to pre-2003 levels and voted against using all federal funds appropriated to the state for the Children's Health Insurance Program to actually insure children. [House Bill 109, 80th Legislature, Amendment 23, Record Vote 279, House Journal, p. 1522.] She also voted against paying providers for care provided to eligible CHIP recipients in the event of a state error that led to a child being dropped or denied coverage. [House Bill 109, 80th Legislature, Amendment 24, Record Vote 280, House Journal, p. 1523.]

Dawnna Dukes Voted Against Infant Children. Dawnna Dukes voted to require infant children to be subjected to a waiting period for CHIP qualification. [House Bill 109, 80th Legislature, Amendment 26, Record Vote 282, House Journal, p. 1525]

Monday, February 04, 2008

Candidate Profile: David Jordan For Judge

"David Jordan is running for Judge of Criminal District Court No. 3. He has 19 years of criminal experience, a former prosecutor, Dallas and Ellis Counties, and a former Drug Special Prosecutor. He has been self-employed for the last 16 ½ years. He has a strong work ethic and will make this a stellar Court. Provide equal treatment to all attorneys. Have a fair and equitable system of appointing attorneys. Provide a system of determining if Defendants, really, qualify for appointed attorneys. Provide, victims with access and complete information. Sit on the bench full time, disposing of cases in a rapid, but fair pace for victims, witnesses, police, and the defendant’s. (The longer a case takes to go to trial the harder the case is to prove or defend.) To not have Jurors on waiting on benches, outside the Court, wandering what’s taking so long. To provide stiffer penalties for those who commit serious crimes. Provide tougher conditions and stronger supervision for Defendants on probation to reduce recidivism. Provide speedy trials, which will provide for swift justice. Provide a jury- and victim-friendly court, reimbursement and protection for victims and citizens, and reduce our tax obligations to Dallas County." His web site is

Candidate Profile: Peter Schulte For Sheriff

(Please Note: The DCDP and its email Roundup do not make endorsements. Profile space there [and here] is available to candidates with contested races in the Dallas County Democratic Primary. Send me a picture and just 200 words (not including a web site link). Count them closely, because space is limited. For a list of all the candidates in the primary, see this page.)

"Peter Schulte is running for Dallas County Sheriff and brings unmatched experience to this campaign. Pete has seen the legal system from all sides, as a police officer, prosecutor and defense attorney.

"Pete is the only Candidate that has developed and published a plan to fix the major problems the Sheriff's Department is continually facing. Utilizing Pete's vast experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system, his plan includes:

"1) Completing an Organizational Overhaul 2) Ending the Jail "Crisis" 3) Fighting Crime in our County 4) Saving Taxpayers' Money 5) Establishing Trust.

"Pete's law enforcement background began as a Texas Peace Officer while as a student at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. After graduation Pete was a beat officer, Computer Forensic Investigator and the Public Information Officer for the McKinney, Texas Police Department.

"Upon graduating from the SMU Dedman School of Law, Pete began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney. He then gained valuable experience as a Prosecutor for the Dallas District Attorney's Office under D.A. Craig Watkins.

"Pete will bring a fresh new perspective to the Sheriff's Department. More specific details of Pete's plan can be found at"

Texas Democrats May Decide Our Next President

Tomorrow, February 5, is "Super Tuesday", with close to half of the delegates to this year's Democratic National Convention up for grabs in states across the nation. Usually, the Presidential contest is decided by the results on this primary day if not before. This time that may not be the case. For the first time in memory, The Texas Democratic Primary might just be crucial.

Both remaining Democratic Presidential candidates have lots of money, organization, and delegates already gathered. Each is almost guaranteed a win tomorrow in their own large home states. Polls show them close across the country. Since Democrats don't do "winner-take-all" primaries like the Republicans, both will get a lot more delegates Tuesday.

Short of an unexpected landslide, both can still go on to the remaining states -- and the biggest prize left is Texas on March 4. We may get to see a lot more of both candidates over the next month. And isn't it great that we get to choose the better of two good candidates, while the Republicans are feuding bitterly trying to pick the lesser of two evils?

Tuesday night there are five election watch parties in Dallas County, listed below (along with one in Fort Worth and another in the mid-cities). Come on out and have fun seeing the returns with some other good Democrats.

Tuesday, February 5:
  • Dallas Democratic Lawyers Super Tuesday Primary Watch Party (5:30 PM, Lift Lounge, 2404 Cedar Springs Rd. Ste. 400 at Maple, Dallas )
  • Dallas County Young Democrats Super Duper Tuesday Watch Party (6 PM, Side Bar and Grill, 2100 Greenville Ave, Dallas)
  • North Oak Cliff Democrats Super Tuesday Primary Party (6 PM, Beckley Brewhouse, 1111 N Beckley Ave., Dallas)
  • Super Tuesday Election Watch Party For Hillary Clinton "As we watch the election results, we can enjoy the food and drink from the fabulous Metro Grill (at your own expense) and learn how to help Hillary in Texas . The campaign for Texas begins February 6 and we will have information to organize your precincts and get out the vote in Dallas County. Buttons and bumper stickers will be available too." RSVP Barbara Rosenberg by email to berosenberg AT sbcglobal DOT net. (6:30 PM, Metro Grill, 4425 N. Central Expressway between Fitzhugh and Knox, Dallas)
  • Obama Dallas Super Tuesday Watch Party (6:30 PM, Clipso Sports Grill Inc., 7307 S. Westmoreland Road, Dallas)
  • Tarrant County Democratic Party Watch Party $20 "Tarrant 4 Hillary has also dubbed this its official watch party." (6:30 PM, IAM & AW District Lodge #776 771 Clifford St., Fort Worth 76108)
  • Mid-Cities Democrats Watch Party $20 (6:30 PM, Reposados Mexican Grill 1101 Cheek Sparger Road, Colleyville, TX 76034)

Paul Moreno And TPA

(Once again, this comes from Vince.)

This election season, Tom Craddick and his allies are playing a skillful game of chess. Recognizing that he is unlikely to gain any votes for his continued Speakership in the general election -- as Republicans are projected to fall like flies across the state -- Craddick has, in effect moved all of his pawns on the chessboard into Democratic districts in an attempt to defeat progressive, anti-Craddick state representatives.

One district where Tom Craddick has deployed his pawns is Texas House District 77, against none other than the Dean and Conscience of the Texas House -- Rep. Paul Moreno (D-El Paso).

Paul Moreno was born in El Paso. He served six years as a U.S. Marine in Korea, and was awarded the Silver Star and numerous Bronze Stars. He earned his bachelor's degree from Texas Western College (now UT-El Paso), and a law degree from UT School of Law. He was first elected to the Texas House in 1967, and is among the longest serving members of that body, and the longest serving Latino elected official in America.

Paul Moreno has a distinguished record of public service to his district, and the entire state. He has been endorsed as part of the Texas Progressive Alliance's TexRoots 08 slate, and needs our support.

Some of the most important legislation of the past three decades bears Moreno's fingerprints, such as The Bilingual Education Act of 1983-84. Moreno, along with the Mexical American Legislative Caucus (of which he was the first Chair in 1975), helped push this legislation through the House. He fought to add farmworkers to the unemployment compensation legislation for the first time since 1913 in 1985. In 1987, he fought for a minimum wage bill for farm workers and helped end conservative attempts to alter House Bill 72 (comprehensive education reform).

Too, in more than four decades in the House, Moreno has worked hard to provide El Paso's citizens with a quality public education system.

Moreno was key to the passage of the Children's Health Insurance Program, and has fought for teacher pay raises and teacher retirement.

Moreno has also brought billions of dollars in appropriations to the el Paso Community. The University of Texas-El Paso, Texas Tech Academic Health Science Center, and Franklin Mountain State Park are only a few institutions which have seen the benefit of Moreno's tenure.

A member of the "Dirty Thirty" and the "Killer Ds," Paul Moreno is a true Progressive. He is a true champion for the poor, the working poor, the elderly, students, teachers, minorities, the handicapped, and more.

Moreno is often called two things, "The Conscience of the Texas House" and "Kill Bill." He's called "Kill Bill" because, over the years, he has killed more anti-Progressive legislation than most any other members. He's called the "Conscience of the Texas House" because he is that not-so-little voice who speaks up when that body goes down the wrong path and does things that aren't in the best interest of ordinary Texans.

Last session, following a hate-filled personal privilege speech by Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler), Rep. Moreno took the floor for a point of personal privilege. Many thought it would be the moment he announced his retirement. Instead, he renewed his commitment to the people of El Paso and the people of Texas:
I heard that yesterday, my city, my beloved city of El Paso, was accused of having a bond issue of $240 million, or something like that, and that we were doing nothing but educating illegal aliens. When I heard that, that really hurt me. When you talk about the city of El Paso, educating illegal aliens, you're talking about my children.

My family has been in El Paso for seven generations. Five of my brothers, and many of you have heard this, five of my brothers have served in the military. Five of my six brothers have served in the military. Two of my brothers-in-law, one of them was severely wounded in Europe. My other brother-in-law died as a result of agent orange, suffered in Vietnam. I have a cousin that was killed in Korea with me, died, from Denver. In El Paso, a very good friend of mine received the medal of honor. His name is Sandrocio Guillen, we call him El Mocho. And when they say that they're teaching illegal aliens, that hurts. That hurts very, very, very, very much. We should have the respect and the dignity that we as humans should give other people.

We had a good government here when Pete Laney was speaker. When he was elected the first election, I voted against him. I voted against Pete Laney because I thought he wasn't liberal enough, and I voted against him, and I think I'm the only one who's ever voted against Pete Laney. But most of you members that were here, during the Pete Laney era remember the appropriations bill that we had. Pete Laney placed me in the appropriations committee and we were able to bring an appropriations bill to this house. I opened up the debate in favor of the appropriations bill, thanks to my good friend Representative Pitts. He asked me to open the debate for the approval of the appropriations bill. We passed that appropriations bill without one dissent. At that time I said, "Paul, we're doing a good job." This is Texas, this is finally America, this is finally what you've been looking for — then something happened.

Leadership changed, and please, please, Mr. Speaker, don't take anything personal, but you have your deep political beliefs, and so does your group, and I noticed a lot of changes that happened. And when those changes happened, we started going down. Tonight I was determined to make a decision, and none of my friends changed my opinion. This country, this state, is in a worse position for Mexican Americans than it was when I first got elected. When I first got elected, there were eight of us, eight Mexican Americans. Yes, we knew — we knew our stand, we knew where we belonged. But there was respect. Now, the respect, in my opinion, has somewhat diminished. And in those days, the Mexican Americans were low in numbers, but we were still satisfied because we knew that there were very little of us and we were glad we were getting at least a little bit of it. Now things are changing.
If you have any doubt that Paul Moreno deserves re-election to the House, you should read his personal privilege speech.

Paul Moreno is a true progressive champion. He deserves our support, which is why he is endorsed by the Texas Progressive Alliance. Please join us in supporting Rep. Moreno by making your contribution to his campaign today, via the TPA's Act Blue page for TexRoots.


It's Monday, and that means it is time once again for the Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Blog Round-Up. So, as you recover from Super Bowl Sunday, check out this week's round-up, compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

Why would Bill Peacock write a commercial for the energy industry? Find out on Bluedaze as TXsharon shines a light into the dark corners of Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Off the Kuff takes a look at the messy finances of State Supreme Court Justice David Medina, and wonders what else is out there that we haven't heard about yet.

Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange Report says thank you to John Edwards.

McBlogger at McBlogger takes a look at the Free Market Foundation's campaign against the Parent PAC and it's leader, Carolyn Boyle. Apparently, they are unhappy that we endorsed her in 2006. And that she's been beating them and their lame candidates.

Nat-Wu of Three Wise Men tells us why free trade isn't everything it's cracked up to be, at least for the American worker.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has more from the recent House Elections Committee hearing on voterr fraud, Abbott May Have To Explain His Partisan Voter Fraud Record.

XicanoPwr begins a Politics of Humanity series. The first one takes a look the Department of Homeland Security recent decision to eliminate the Violence Against Women Act's domestic violence program that was meant to protect undocumented immigrants from abusive spouses who use their position as citizens to intimidate their spouses who did not have legal immigrant status in the United States. The second post in the series takes a look at Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) inhumane policy of of drugging immigrants and their recent settlement case.

We recently passed the "one-year mark," meaning President Bush now has less than one year left in his job. Is he planning on coming home to roost when his tenure ends? Not everyone in DFW thinks that's the best idea.

Open Source Dem at Brains and Eggs has the inside dope on the Harris County Democratic Party's efforts to turn the county blue (and why the partners-in-charge may be shooting themselves in the feet).

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News sent people to his other blog for a lesson in how to put someone to sleep with government lies about economics, among other items.

Vince at Capitol Annex wonders if State Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) will actually make good on his claim that he will ask AG Greg Abbott to answer to charges that his "voter fraud" prosecutions are race-based.